7 Best Teenage Girl Room Ideas And Themes


Teenage Girl Room

Designing a teenage girl’s room is one of the most challenging things you’ll do while designing a home. For one, this is the room your teenager escapes to hang out with friends, study, sleep, and relax from the rest of the world. As such, the room should fit their personality and the general theme of the home. This can sometimes be difficult to achieve. You’ll have to do this with the added pressure that teens nowadays are quite design-conscious and are in touch with the latest trends in home decoration. What with Pinterest and Instagram giving them all the ideas. On this website, you can also find new home ideas and floor plans (in case you are looking for a new house), so you can plan the layout of your teenage girl’s room even before moving into a new place.

However, there are numerous teenage girl room ideas to choose from. The key to getting it right is understanding what your teenage girl likes and how she expresses her individuality. Secondly, you need to balance the transition between youthful and mature elements as the teenage years move quickly. Thirdly, the room serves a functional purpose as well. Sleeping, studying, and relaxing should always inform the design. When upgrading or redecorating their room, you should pause to think and see things through their perspective. No two teens are the same. Let’s now look at some cool room designs for teenage girls.

  1. Bright Colors

Bold colors make the room more vibrant, fun, girly, and add energy, which you want with your teenage girl. Some parents feel like they have to let off the bold colors as their child gets to their teens. However, as much as you want to transition to more mature themes, a bright coral of color will be much welcome. It adds a cool and fresh feel to the room. Chic colors such as pink are common. By now, your girl may have a favorite color. Look for ways to incorporate it into the overall room theme for teenage girls.

There’s always the appeal of a pink theme for a teenage girl. Most young girls’ rooms are pink, and even when they get to their teenage years, a pink theme can still be cool. Even if the overall room design for a teenage girl is not dominated by pink, accessories such as beddings, mirrors, wall galleries are a great way to retain a touch of pink against a backdrop of another color such as white. A white or other neutral base helps change the theme quicker as the teen loses taste in one theme and falls in love with another.

Teenager girls love custom colors, and there are many companies that can provide this type of service with a huge collection of paint by numbers, and you can even create your own custom paint by number. One of the most relaxing and creative hobbies you can do.

  1. Smart Storage

Smart storage is something you want to emphasize and include in a room theme for a teenage girl. You want them to learn to keep their space neat all the time. Smart storage incorporated in the overall design greatly helps in this. Sometimes, you have more than one teenage girl in the same room. The need for space and storage increases further. A bed with storage underneath it, shelves, wardrobes, and rolling bins can help organize all her stuff and make the room appear clean, neat, and fun.

  1. Wall Art

To make the room more exciting, you should go all out on the wall art. Different photos, illustrations, wall clocks, and mirrors make for cool bedrooms for teenage girls. The wall art will be heavily influenced by the personality and preferences of the teen and any hobbies they may have. However, many of the accessories are available in different styles to meet the specific needs of different people. Something like wall clocks can be found in all sorts of patterns and colors. Mirrors and photo illustrations as well. Elaborate wall art brings to life the room.

  1. Consider Privacy

Any room ideas for a teenage girl must ensure that they meet the need for privacy. This is somewhere where they not only spend their private time away from rules and routine but also where they host their friends and share their little secrets. A canopy bed with long, flowing sheer curtains is beautiful but serves a privacy function, especially if more than one girl shares the room.

  1. Neutral Color Palettes

Not all teenage girls love bright colors and patterns. If your teenage girl room ideas are simple, you need to incorporate them and make them stylish. A bed frame, plants, lighting, carpets, and pillows can greatly add to the character of a room, even with neutral color palettes.

  1. Airy Design

An airy design brings about a playful and bouncy feel to the room. It is a favorite among many teen girls. It can be achieved using carpets, bedding, baskets, hampers, dolls, and an overall white color theme.

  1. Colorful Study Area

At this age, you’ll need to have a decent study area for your teen. This is where they get productive as they do their homework, study, read, and do other hobbies they might have. However, it doesn’t have to be boring. It can be colorful with a few accessories to boot. The more inviting space is, the more productive your teen will be, hopefully. Design and function should go hand in hand when looking for inspiration for a study space.

I hope you have found some inspiration and work with if you want room ideas for teenage girls. It is best to work in the room with her to teach her some decorative and budgeting skills. Usually, they’ll want everything, but you have to let them understand that you will be working with a budget like in every other aspect of life. You can even surprise them with a bedroom makeover as a birthday gift idea. Allow them to express themselves as much as possible and always try to see their preferences through their perspective.

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