7 Best Wall Decor Ideas For Your Home Interior

On July 24, 2018 by Preeti Shah

Wall decor is one of the focal point when it comes to home interior and creating a certain ambience. It not only defines the creativity and ability of the person but also decorates the space and enhances the touch and feel of the room. Generally wall is decorated with a number of things that are mixed and matched as per the likes and tastes of the owner. Following are a few of the top choices in types of wall decor.

  1. Hang Photographs

Hang Photographs To Your Interior
Hanging photo frames have been used to adorn the walls since time immemorial. What have changed today are probably the frames and the style of hanging. People are getting bolder in their choices of colors and the scale. Instead of putting framed pictures, you can now see people covering an entire wall with a picture of their children or family photo frame.

  1. Paintings

Wall Frames & Paintings
Painting of wall can take a number of shapes and often tends to reflect the householder’s taste. Depending on the choice it can be a modern abstract or a traditional one. When it comes to paintings since each region it has its own distinct style, design and even colors.

  1. Metal Wall Art

Metal Wall Art
Metal wall art has been rapidly popular among interior world. The reason is the particular wall is a fast appearing on the scene. An artist can work wonders with metal. Metal wall art pieces are easily available in stores and exhibitions. Long thin figures and masks are most common within them. Instead of one can see that the majority is going for geometric shapes rather than figurines and busts.

  1. Wooden Wall Decor

Wooden Wall Decor
Ah! Wooden wall decor is very popular and tradition yet trending type of wall decoration. Many people like to add the Nature indoors and a piece of wood within their interior. They manage to bring an element of Nature in to your concrete abode somehow. People like to use tree trunks as a base for their coffee table or lamp shade. Apart from pieces of art we like to place a log or a branch (use them as a decoration as well as book selves or showpiece shelf) in such a way that it creates a rather rustic yet charming ambience. The choices are many and you can even try your own hand at carving out a piece.

  1. Add Murals

Add Murals
Murals remained restricted to churches and palaces for a long time and then people started making use of them in ordinary homes. It’s not for all and sundry but only a few go for this type of wall decor. The people, who like to do something extraordinary, they really care to do it in a grand way. Yet, most of us can use murals to decor the walls in less pronounced and subtler manners.

  1. Wall Decals

Wall Decals - Modern Interior

Wall Decals can be termed as a fairly new type of wall art. They are adhesive designs and prints that can be stuck on any wall also be taken down and replace with ease and can be changed for newer ones. They can help you create an entire jungle scene, bring in the ocean and the waves or create the night sky in your living room or the bed room. The possibilities are endless and it is no wonder that these are fast booming, favourite for kids and rooms.

  1. Wall Clocks

Wall Clocks
Last but certainly not the least, the unique designed wall clocks are still part of our walls. I have yet to find a home where there is no wall clock to be seen. Though, it is a trend which seems to be disappearing. It still has its own charm and there are those who just won’t let go of it.

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  • Decorating your interior with wall arts goes a long way. Wall art decors help in creating the type of atmosphere that you want to achieve. Choosing the right type of wall art for your interior is necessary. Thank you for sharing this helpful information!

  • A wall art added to your room can create a big impact. It adds depth and character to a room. It’s vital that you know first what type of wall art is suitable for your interior’s setting.

  • Great, it comes to paintings since each region has its own distinct style, design, and even colors.

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