7 Cute And Timeless Flower Girl Dresses


Creating the perfect wedding means paying close attention to every single detail. From your Luv Bridal MelbourneFormal Dresses to the colors, location, and flowers, you want everything to go perfectly during your wedding. Many brides care deeply about the clothing everyone’s going to wear to the wedding. Guests are asked to follow a certain dress code that the bride and groom decide upon in advance. The same is true for all members of the bridal party. Each member of the bridal party is asked to wear clothing that sets a certain tone. This mood starts when the flower girl enters the room. Here are some wonderful styles of dress that every single little girl will love.

  1. Basic White

Flower Girl White Dress

Just like the bride, the flower girl can also wear white. White looks wonderful on many little girls. It’s clean and sweet. Think about having a little girl wear a dress that’s similar to the bride’s own. For example, if the bride has chosen a romantic look with plenty of ruffles, look for flower girls in the same style. Pair it with a stash in a contrasting color that ties in with the overall color theme of the wedding.

  1. Hearts And Butterflies

Hearts And Butterflies Dress For Flower Girl

Little girls love hearts and butterflies. Give them a chance to live their dreams. Many flower girl dresses have appliques that are directly applied to the bodice. Add hearts or butterflies to the skirt and the rest of the dress. Many stores have such appliques that can be used to stand out from the rest of them for a three-dimensional effect. Let the little girl have butterfly wings at the back and a trail of hearts at the bottom of her dress. A cut out of a heart or butterfly shape can be added to the back of the dress, providing additional interest to the look. Every guest will smile as they see coming down the aisle in front of the bride and her other attendants.

  1. Flowers And Polka Dots

Flower Dress for Little Flower Girl

Most brides choose to have flowers as part of their wedding day. The bride typically carries a bouquet in her hands. She might use flowers to decorate the location of the wedding ceremony. Her floral theme can be reflected in the clothing her flower girls wear. Dresses with flowers on top and across the bodice suggest spring and remind guests of happy days. This is a perfect choice for an outdoor wedding. A little girl can also carry her own bouquet, just like the bride.

Polka dots are another timeless theme that many brides love. Tiny dots scattered on top of a satin base suggest a swirl of movement. Polka dots come in many varied sizes. One fabric that many brides love for their attendants is dotted, Swiss. It’s just right for a charmingly youthful look.

  1. Lacy Details

Lace Flower Girl Dress

Lace is a fabric that many brides choose as part of their overall wedding look. Lace can also be used for the flower girl’s dresses. Lacy dresses are a beloved staple of many weddings and many formal dresses. Lace is also a four-season fabric that works at any time of the year.

This fabric can be used in many ways to decorate a flower girl dress. Lace can cascade down the bodice to add length to the overall look. Many brides wish to incorporate a touch of color into the bridal party look. Lace can be dyed in many different colors to create the exact colors the bride likes best. It can be used in a contrasting color like navy or deep scarlet against a white background. A white bodice with a golden overlay of lace adds sophistication and beauty.

  1. Old Fashioned Style

Old Fashioned Style Flower Girl Dresses

If the bride wants something a bit more old-fashioned, she might opt for an old-fashioned look for the entire wedding. The theme can be carried out when it comes to all aspects of the bridal party’s clothing. This includes her choice of flower girl dresses. Old fashioned wedding dress includes details such as puff sleeves, high collars, and long skirts. These details can be used for a young child’s flower girl dress. Little girls were often dressed just their adult peers. A little girl can enter the wedding location wearing a very similar dress to the bride and looking just as lovely. Add details that are right for a young lady, such as a shorter skirt, and it will come together.

  1. Pastel Pretty

Pastel Pretty Flower Girl Dresses

Pastels are perfect when it gets warm again. Colors like pink, lemon yellow, mint green, and lavender look wonderful when set against any similar backdrop. A little girl can wear a dress in a similar color to the grownups. Pastel colors can be added to a flower girl’s dress in many ways. She might wear a canary yellow top and a white skirt. Brides will find flower girl dresses that have a peach silk sash across the top. Many brides like an ombre effect in which the colors shade from dark at the bottom to lighter shades on top to be deeply pleasing. A dress with deep hot pink that shades into pastel pink are pretty and unexpected.

  1. Sailor Suits

Sailor Suits for Flower Girl

The classic sailor suit is new again. Sailor suits very work well when applied to a flower girl dress look. This pattern can be interpreted in many varied ways. For example, the bride might pick a look with navy stripes on the bottom of the dress and a white top. She might opt for a white dress with a navy blue bow atop the look and a classic sailor suit collar. The look can be coordinated with the look of any boy and male attendants. Both the girls and boys can have the same navy blue hats with white satin trim. This is a great look that works for any wedding, from formal to informal.

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