7 Deck Designs To Improve The Feature Of Your Home


Deck Design

A beautiful deck is a place to eat, socialize and relax. It is also an extension of your home, so you want it to feel just right. Builders can improve the look of your yard with functional custom decks.

According to individual preferences, they can be designed in various shapes and sizes. There are many options when building a deck, including wood and design. Some homeowners prefer something more conventional, while others think outside the box.

Either way, there are numerous ways to have fun decorating your deck or patio for summertime get-togethers or quiet time alone with a good book.

  1. Building Multi-level Decks

Building a multi-level deck adds architectural interest to any backyard space while adding value to the home itself.

The decks have multiple levels and different colors. This adds a distinct look from the ground level. If you feel creative, it is easy to design your multi-level deck with step-by-step instructions online.

You can also paint your floors and add bright cushions and colorful throw pillows to create a comfortable atmosphere for entertaining or relaxing outdoors. This adds extra life to your existing deck and allows you to continue spending time outdoors.

  1. Integrate Lighting Fixtures

According to Martha Stewart’s “Martha Stewart Living ” magazine website, one of the most popular designs for a deck or patio is by creating an inviting atmosphere with string lights as lighting fixtures.

To create the visual effect of candles glowing along with a table centerpiece for each setting, place candles inside glass cylinders alongside other elements on the table, such as vases filled with flowers.

It is cost-efficient and simple to create string lights for a deck, as it requires a length of wire and a strand of small lights clipped onto the strands.

  1. Compliment With Color

Another way to improve your deck’s appearance is by adding color with paint or color-coded flooring. The steps include painting boards in various shades, such as light green and dark blue, which leads to an interesting contrast between colors.

You can also choose one color to use throughout the entire deck or color-coordinate throughout the entire deck. Using a different color adds a distinct look from the ground level. If you feel creative, it is easy to design your multi-level deck with step-by-step instructions online.

  1. Create Focal Points

Creating a focal point on the deck is another way homeowners make their decks more beautiful. The modern style consists of a table placed near a wall with potted flowers sitting atop it.

You can use containers or vases with height and a bit of color to help accentuate the deck. In addition, some decks include curved furniture pieces that create an inviting atmosphere.

Adding a small fountain to the deck is also a good idea as it adds value and creates an interesting focal point. It is recommended that you hire a professional to handle plumbing needs before installing fountains yourself.

  1. Incorporate Patterns

Another option is creating a unique combination of differing board patterns – such as ones formed in diamonds and squares – by cutting pieces of wood according to specific shapes and sizes depending on preference.

Additionally, you can shape skirting boards in different shapes to add contrast among boards that are not only flat but have slight curves or dips at their ends.

Max Francis Flooring can help you achieve this aesthetically pleasing flooring for your deck to look great.

  1. Set Up Screens In Your Deck

Do you love your deck, but you are still questioning the view? You can decide to set up a screen that can easily camouflage everything else that you do not want to see. Small-slat screens easily pick up the patterning on the trellis overhead to construct a unified border for your backyard.

  1. Block The Sun

Over time, fabrics have become very popular, which has made it simple to block the sun from your deck without doing away with the looks.

You can use sunshades, patio umbrellas, and all-weather fabrics to create shade on the deck. Many accents are fairly affordable and easy to switch up whenever the mood dictates.

Decks provide more than just space for recreation; they can also enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home.

Designing and building unique decks with various colors, shapes, and sizes will attract attention from neighbors who want one just like yours.

By using different lighting fixtures such as string lights or potted candles along with paint and color-coded flooring pieces, you can increase the aesthetic of your deck, thus improving the feature of your home.

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