7 Different Ways to Incorporate Wood in Interior Decorating


Wooden Decor

Wood is a much used and loved building material and has been used for countless years in houses and buildings. Wood is also much more durable than we think, as there are still wooden homes from the 12th century in parts of Europe. There are also many other great qualities to wood that make it a great choice. It’s easy to use, no matter the type of wood – oak, mahogany, teak, etc. It’s durable, and you can find wood that has been sourced from the responsibly managed forest or contributes towards this. It has a warm appearance that’s loved by many. Here are seven different ways that you can use wood in your interior decorating.

  1. Flooring

It’s widespread to see parquet flooring in the inside of a home, which showcases a bit of a luxurious feel and adds warmth to your interior. The usual type of wood for parquet flooring is oak, and the planks will be treated with varnish or oil. They can come in different thickness, length, and width, or even in unique shapes like herringbone or a mosaic.

  1. Paneling and Walls

Many people find that paneling, a type of wooden wall covering, is old fashioned. However, this look is making a resurgence today as people want to go back to this authentic look, and paneling is beautiful in homes today, especially when the interior decorating is made to look like a country home. George Harris, an interior design blogger, adds that “wood is also the perfect material to create a separating wall inside your house. You can place vertical planks of wood a few centimeters from each other to separate two rooms, like a living room and dining room. This creates contact between the areas and a feeling of space while still adding an interesting touch and demarcating the two areas.”

  1. Ceilings

Older homes were often built by supporting the second floor with heavy wooden beams. It’s a new trend today for renovators to restore and strengthen these beams then use them in a prominent role in the exposed interior of a home. Wooden ceilings work well not just in a classic interior, but can also be used for modern looks, like creating wooden ceiling cladding as a focal point for a room.

  1. Doors and Stairs

Internal doors are almost always made of wood, and while some people put a layer of paint over their doors, you can let the wooden door be stunning in its natural beauty. The same goes for stairs, where you can leave a set of wooden stairs without much work, and it will be beautiful. You can spruce it up with a bit of varnish or paint. Be sure to consider the lighting in the area when you choose your wood.

  1. Furniture

Furniture continues to be made of wood almost always, like in the past. This includes dining room tables, coffee tables, chairs, bed frames, wardrobes, bookshelves, and more – most homes will have wooden sets of these. The key to deciding here is what kind of wood, finish, and format. If you’re a fan of a Scandinavian look, leave it blank and natural, or choose dark mahogany for an old-school look.

  1. Lighting

If you’re a wood enthusiast, don’t stop at the furniture, but you can also get light fittings that are made of wood. Wooden light fittings are a great alternative to metal or plastic and are sure to make your space stand out and be different from others’. Look for a collection that incorporates wood veneer into its options, and get a statement piece to hang above your kitchen island or your dining room table.

  1. Decoration

There are endless options when it comes to decorative objects made from wood – really, the world is your oyster here. Whether you want a coat rack, a photo frame, decorative bowl or sculpture, you can find it in any wood and style. You can even try to make your own by following a woodworking DIY channel.

You can add wooden touches to your interior in many different ways depending on the look you’re trying to achieve. When it comes to wood, the possibilities are endless.

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