7 DIY Solutions For Kelder Waterdicht Maken


Going DIY in treating your wet basement is not only viable but also cuts a good deal of expenditure. Check out these DIY strategies to become more self-reliant.

A wet basement is the stuff of nightmares for most homeowners, and why won’t it be? Moisture retaining walls translate into– massive mold growth, a good bit of damage to property kept in the basement, and how such a thing finally amounts to multiplying foundation repair costs. While there is no way you can neglect a wet basement at hand, the estimated repair costs are truly dispiriting.

Before you slide into despair and depression over your leaky basement, check out these smart DIY hacks to stop the water from spreading while cutting some costs too:

  1. Use A Basement Dehumidifier

Basement Dehumidifier

The easiest solution in the book to absorb all the accumulated moisture from your damp basement is to use a dehumidifier for a prolonged time. These devices are portable and easy to install, the variations of dehumidifiers designed especially for kelder waterdicht maken come equipped with more features, capable of dehumidifying up to 5000 sq ft, and will take up just a little space in your basement. Use dehumidifiers until you are ready to adopt more advanced solutions to moisture problems in your basement.

  1. Add A Layer Of Foam Pipe Insulation To Your Cold Pipes

Pipe Protection

Pipes in the basement often accumulate droplets of condensation that ultimately drains from the ceiling, soaking up the walls and the floor of your basement. You can find good quality styrofoam to add an insulating layer to your cold pipes in the basement. Styrofoam is inexpensive, easy to cut with scissors, and perfectly convenient for a DIY measure. The only downside is, you might have to change them every six months or so.

  1. Insulate Exterior Walls with Foam Cover

Spray Foam Insulation

The same trick applies for the walls too, though cement walls are less likely to accumulate condensation like metal pipes. It depends on the weather and the temperature you are living in. Caution: you will be making a huge mistake in covering the inner walls with foam if the water is leaking in from the outside, terribly multiplying your mold and mildew problem!

  1. Install Drainage Floor Mats

Boardwalk Modular Pathway Tiles

Improve the health of your basement floor by installing dimple mats made of plastic. It gives way for air passage by separating the matted floor from the cold concrete; that way, condensation from the concrete cannot travel up.

  1. Cover Up the Cement Floor with Interlocking Corks

Cement Floor with Interlocking Corks

With easy to install cork flooring tiles, you can give your basement look and aesthetic upgrade and also take care of moisture accumulation threats. Cork flooring looks sophisticated, feels warm underfoot, and is less susceptible to moisture damage than carpeting. Go for cork floor tiles with the especially durable and water-resistant core.

  1. Coat Inside Walls with Hydraulic Cement

Coat Inside Walls with Hydraulic Cement

Hydraulic cement is applicable, just like paint. All you need is a brush. Fill in holes in the masonry walls to the inside of your basement to stop moisture accumulation right there!

  1. Extend Your Downspouts and Gutters

Extend Your Downspouts and Gutters

The long term fix to your chronic basement water leakage problem is the installation of underfloor drainage tubing– a pro-task. It involves breaking open the concrete floor, install drain pipes down to the sump pump, and estimated expenditure up to $1000. Go for this immensely ambitious project if you are confident!

We believe there is nothing a good family handyman cannot do!

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