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Regularly maintaining and cleaning your pool is extremely important to the health and safety of your and your loved ones. As long as you stay on top of regular maintenance and follow our top DIY tips, your pool will be sparkling clean and inviting before you know it. Pool cleaning is now simpler and easier than ever, especially with this help of this DIY tips and tricks guide.

This article delves deeper into why more and more Australian families and residents are maintaining and cleaning their pools on their own on a more regular basis. Here are 7 DIY tips for cleaning your pool:

  1. Appropriate Cleaning Chemicals And Solutions

Pool Chemicals

The best way to maintain and keep your pool water from turning green, cloudy, and overall unpleasant and unhealthy, is ensuring you are using not only the correct chemicals and solutions but also the right amounts. Generally, chemicals such as disinfectants and sanitizers should be added to your pool daily to control the growth of algae and bacteria within the pool water. It is also recommended to do sporadic shock treatment to provide a deeper cleanse to the water and prevent the build-up of organic matter.

  1. Quality Cleaning Tools And Equipment

Pool Cleaning Equipment

Just like with any other cleaning process, it is important to use high-quality tools and devices to ensure you are achieving the best results. Good quality equipment will save you time and money in the long run and make the whole pool cleaning process that much easier, effective, and efficient.

  1. Pool Vacuuming

Automatic Pool Cleaner

It is recommended that your residential pool is vacuumed at least once per week. This is an effective and efficient way to clear your pool of unwanted debris and dirt. It is also extremely cost-effective as it also reduces the number of chemicals you are required to put into your pool while removing any stains and leaves that accumulate during the week.

  1. Pool Skimming

Pool Skimming

Pool skimming has been around since the dawn of time. Getting out the old handheld skimmer and making your ways around the pool, collecting fallen leaves and debris is a classic Australian pastime. Automatic skimmers or better known as a creepy crawler, save you time and zeros in on all those annoying, unwanted debris, so you don’t have to worry about keeping a hawks eye on your pool at all times.

  1. Pool Covers And Shades

Pool Enclosure

Pool Covers and Shades are one of the best ways to keep out debris and unwanted, uninvited critters into your pool. Use overnight or when the pool is less in use (Winter Seasons) to aid in reducing your cleaning time. If you find your pool area is experiencing higher than average pest and insect activity, it may be time to seek the assistance of Building and Pest Inspection Sunshine Coast.

  1. Test Water PH Levels

Chlorine Level Meter - Water Quality Tester

Regular water level testing of your pool water is essential to ensuring the water’s health and safety of those swimming. The main elements you want to make sure are balanced are your pool’s chlorine levels and PH levels. Testing your water levels is easy and straightforward; simply grab a pool water test kit from your local pool store, and you will quickly discover whether the chemicals are unbalanced.

  1. Quality Pool Pump

Pool Pump

Water circulation in your pool is of the utmost importance to the health and safety of the water you are swimming in. Ensuring you have a high-quality pool pump is the most effective and efficient way to maintain proper water circulation for your pool water. Running your pool pump throughout the day and night enhances the distribution of the chemical used as well as filtering the pool water of any nasties that may invade your pool unnoticed.

Regular cleaning and maintenance of your pool are essential to not only the health and integrity of your pool itself but also to the safety during swimming for you, your family, and any visitors. No one wants to endure the embarrassment of having a dirty, uninviting, or just overall gross looking or feeling pool. Swimming is an excellent activity for exercise, relaxation, and entertainment; however, it is crucial to ensure that you maintain the quality of both the pool and its water.

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