7 Easy Steps On Rug Cleaning


Do you have a challenge in cleaning your rugs? Well, understand that the beauty of a habitable home depends on a clean carpet. It improves the health of the occupants as well as giving your home a classy look .normally debris and stains tend to settle on the carpet, which makes it a difficult task to maintain it. However, I have good news for you on how you can keep your room clean with a cost-effective budget. This is because some products and cleaning equipment can be quite expensive; thus, in this article, I have outlined some easy steps on rug cleaning.

  1. Vacuuming

Rug Vacuuming

Vacuuming the rug is a standard method which applies to most households. However, before you start vacuuming rugs, there are fundamental things that you need to know to get the job well done. First, you need to prepare the room by clearing possible objects such as papers, pens, and toys that are on the carpet. Afterward, start vacuuming your carpet from those areas which are hard to reach like beneath the furniture. Ensure your vacuum vertically and horizontally to prevent dirt being retained on the Rug.

  1. Use Stain Removal Products

Rug Stain Removal Products

When cleaning your carpet, you might realize that there are some stubborn stains which require extensive attention. Stain removal products usually act as a pre-treatment before the actual cleaning is done. Therefore you will have to acquaint yourself with some of stain removal products such as baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, lemon juice, and vinegar. These solutions will help you to get rid of such stains easily.·

  1. Steaming

Rug Steam Cleaning

Steaming is also another effective method which you can use alongside vacuuming. The use of cleaning regents alone may not penetrate the fabrics; hence, you will require to use steam to clean the rug effectively. It eliminates pathogens which could cause infection. Due to technology, there are affordable steaming machines in the market which can make your work easier and effective.

  1. Clean Spills And Spots Quickly

Clean Rug Spills And Spots Quickly

When there is spillage on the carpet ensure you clean them quickly to prevent it from sticking onto the carpet fabrics, .you can use a damp cloth with a mixture of detergents depending on the kind of spot. In most cases, it is easy to clean such spots and spills before it settles on the rug. I recommend that you use certified products and solutions that would not damage the carpet when cleaning.

  1. Shampoo The Rug

Professional Rug Cleaning Services

When shampooing the carpet ensure, it is thoroughly vacuumed. Identify areas on the rug with spots and stains which requires more cleaning. Use your carpet shampoo cleaner and clean systematically because you would not want to step on it before it dries up. Ensure you wear the right gear since some reagents might be corrosive.

  1. Use Soft Brush

Soft Brush for Rug Cleaning

The use of soft brushes when cleaning the carpet allows you to clean faster, especially visible dirt. All you need to do is to rearrange the furniture and put aside any other objects which lie on the rug. Once you are set to start sweeping using the brush towards the door where you will collect the dirt using the shovel. Most people usually prefer this method, especially when they are in a hurry.

  1. Drying The Rug

Drying The Rug

This is one of the most comfortable cleaning methods all you need to do is to dry your rug outside then place it on a clothesline and start shaking it to disintegrate dirt which had been trapped on its fabrics. Afterward, you can vacuum it for effective cleaning.


Clean rugs freshen up the room. Before you think of anything else to clean in the house, it is essential to start with the carpet. I understand that most of the households I have pets which implies that better will be trapped in the carpet; therefore, without proper cleaning, you might develop conditions like an allergy.

The methods highlighted in this article are simple, and you can do it yourself. In some cases, you might require a professional to fix your rug because some carpets come with cleaning specifications if you are not conversant with the right regents, please consult some cleaning agencies to help you out so that he may not damage in the carpet.

Once the rug is clean, it is also important to serve some measures to ensure it stays clean such as training your pets and removal of footwear before stepping on it

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