7 Easy Storage Solutions To Free Space In The Kitchen


Slatwall Panels

There’s no end to things that we keep on adding in a kitchen – appliances, utensils, jars, containers; you name it! There has never been a kitchen where the owner cannot create some space to add a few more things. With the sizes of houses getting a smaller and minimalistic theme, gaining a lot of attention, it is important to find easy storage solutions to free some space. Minimalistic or not, an acute, decluttered, and tidy kitchen is necessary if one wants to cook in peace. Try out these interesting ideas that can help you create a highly functional yet sophisticated space for your cooking and dining area without compromising on aesthetics.

  1. Install The Slatwall System To Create Ample Space

Slatwall system is a great way to create space in a kitchen, garage, or even a retail store. The system comes with panels that have horizontal grooves in between. The grooves can be used to hang almost anything – a Slatwall shelf, a Slatwall bracket, or a Slatwall hook, you name it! The best slatwall panels in Melbourne come in high-quality PVC systems that are sturdy and suited to handle heavy equipment and can even enhance the kitchen’s overall decor. Go ahead and install any kitchen device on the shelf that’s been attached to a Slatwall, and you will see the difference.

  1. Get Pull Out Pantry System To Fix Storage Issue

A pull-out pantry unit is a great way to keep essentials like oils and spices within reach. It can be done with under sink space or in the cabinets. It’s a killer idea to ensure that every small thing is kept in a tidy and organized manner so that it can be found when you need so.

  1. Hooks Are Into Hang A Variety Of Mugs And Other Utensils

Mugs, wine glasses can now be hung upside down with the help of a variety of hooks. It’s an old trick in a bartender’s book but is quite useful in contemporary kitchens. Many modular kitchens have undercabinet space for the same purpose. You can also get some sturdy hooks that can ease some space for other things.

  1. There’s Nothing Like Purchasing Too Many Baskets And Bins!

Baskets and bins of all kinds and styles are readily available almost everywhere you go in a mall. You will be amazed at the number of ways in which they can be used to organize stuff in the kitchen. Baskets are a great way to organize fruits and vegetables on the kitchen countertop. Wooden baskets and bins can be kept even on top of cabinets, inside the fridge, giving you great organizational options. Bins can also be used to store utensils, or things rarely used but need to be kept handy.

  1. Make Use Of Vertical Space On The Walls

The utilization of vertical space is a necessity of modern architecture. Families now live in small flats and apartments. And it doesn’t mean that an individual should not have essentials within reach or for decor purposes. All kinds of racks and hooks and shelves can be installed on all rooms’ walls, including the garage. While making use of vertical space is a great way to create a functional kitchen, the changes must be aesthetically appealing. The aesthetic decor looks tasteful, not to mention stylish! So, take a look at your kitchen’s corners and make use of corner shelving. You will be amazed at how perfect a kitchen shelf can look in a tiny corner.

  1. Turn One Shelf Or One Cabinet Into Two!

It’s amazing to see how much space a wire shelf riser can bring in a cabinet or a shelf. There’re some dishware items that we don’t use often but love to flaunt on special occasions. For example, cute soup bowls are only served on special occasions. Mostly, they are put in a package in a safe place. With a wire shelf riser, you can keep them handy by placing them on the riser while keeping other items like trays or plates below it.

  1. Install A Shelf Above The Window

The absolutely gorgeous window space can be made more functional by installing a complementary shelf above the window. The installation should be done in such a manner that adds to the beauty of windows. Rare to use big utensils, and other gadgets and appliances can be safely kept there so that they are in clear view and within reach whenever you may require so.

A clean, well-organized, and aesthetically appealing kitchen gives the necessary peace of mind that one requires to cook or eat breakfast. I hope that the above easy storage solutions will help you transform your kitchen into the kitchen of your dream, which’s highly functional and aesthetically sound!

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