7 Easy Tips That You Need To Know For House Cleaning


7 Easy Tips That You Need To Know For House Cleaning

I have pulled our best household cleaning tricks and tips to help you together to make your place clean. You can read here plenty of quick, cheap, cheerful, and helpful cleaning tips from lemons and vinegar to tin foil that should save you money and time when you clean your home.

  1. Use Rubber Gloves

If your fluffy pets have fluffed up your place and making you sneeze, there is an easy and cheap solution. You can use rubber washing gloves that can be easily dragged over-furnishing like curtains and sofas to remove animal fur.

  1. Coffee Filters to Clean Mirrors and Glasses

Yes, coffee that helps you get out of bed, and now we are coming up with its one more crazy benefit. It offers you something more than just refreshing your mind. Have you stained mirrors and window glasses, no worries – give them a sweep with coffee filters. Trust me; it works like magic.

  1. Use Cup of Water to Clean Your Microwave

If your kitchen microwave looks dirty and greasy after too many food explosions, don’t get worried. You can clean it with just one cup of hot water. Mixed lemon juice in water and let it be inside the microwave on a high setting for two minutes. Leave the mixture for five minutes with a closed-door and let the steam do its work. After five minutes, clean the inside of your microwave with a clean towel. It removes all food particles and grease. The lemon fragrance will leave your kitchen will smell fresh.

  1. Baby Oil to Clean Stainless Steel Appliances

Your baby oil does not only help to make your baby’s skin soothing and smooth. It also helps to lift all the grease. If your cooker or another stainless steel appliances is grabby with fingerprints, pour some oil and let it settle for a few minutes and then wipe it.

  1. Don’t Throw Old Toothbrush

Your old toothbrush can be a beneficial tool to clean your bathroom. Rinse it with boiled water to kill germs and use it to get into crannies and nooks where vacuum cleaner cannot reach. It is handy in bathrooms where a vacuum cannot reach, especially around drains and tap.

  1. Club Soda to Clean Carpet Stains

If you use club soda correctly, it can be effective in cleaning wine and beer stains. Mix one part water with club soda and vinegar and pour it into a spray bottle. Spray the mixture on the stained area and let it sit for 15-20 minutes to soak in. After twenty minutes, press a clean sponge onto the area to soak up the stain and solution. After this process rinses the stained area with warm water.

However, this trick helps you to clean your carpet, but it is my honest advice that you should invest in Carpet Cleaning Service. Because when you have a dirty carpet in your place, it not only affects the environment but also causes several health issues.

  1. Put Lemon in Your Fridge to keep it Smelling Fresh

Our food leaves let our fridges smell bad. Cut a lemon into two pieces and place it on the fridge’s top-shelf. It keeps your fridge smell nice.

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