7 Essential Moving Tips for First Time Renters


7 Essential Moving Tips for First Time Renters

Moving to your rented place for the first time is an exciting experience and an achievement in itself. You may probably be moving out of your parent’s home and start living life on your own. Whether you are renting out for a few months or signing on a new lease, there are several things you get to experience on your own, and that starts with your move.

Moving for the first time comes with a lot of responsibilities. It can be quite overwhelming for some to plan and manage their move. So here are some tips that will help you make your first-time move seem as easy as a breeze.

Contact The Landlord

Once you have decided on the place you are going to stay, contact the landlord to inform the date of the move as soon as you can. Some landlords will clean the home a bit and set up some of the essential utilities before you move. If you are moving to an apartment, then inform the apartment manager too. Some apartments will have rules about the time or day of the move to make sure that the other people living in the apartment aren’t disturbed. Therefore, talk to the apartment manager first to confirm all such regulations and fix a proper date and time of the move.

Setup The Utilities

While some landlords may provide the necessary utilities like water and electricity, you may need to take care of the other things like internet, gas, sewer, trash, etc. First, make a list of all the utilities you require. Talk to your landlord first and know all the utility connections that come with the apartment and ensure that it is all in working condition. Sometimes, you may need to call the provider to start the service again. For other utilities, you may need to set up a new connection, and that could take some time.

Focus on the utilities that you need when you move in and get it all in working condition before you move. You can get the other services to work even after you move in.

Schedule The Movers


When you have confirmed your moving day with the landlord and the apartment manager, the next person you need to inform is the movers. Some of the professional movers will be in demand during the weekends. It is best to call ahead a good house moving company and book your slot for the move. Let the movers know all the big items that should be moved like tables, chairs, bed and so on.

Register Your Change in Address

Make sure to inform all the required authorities about the change of the address like the financial institutions, income tax departments, medical offices, and any other subscriptions and clubs. Also, leave your forwarding address with your old post office and neighbors in case of any mails that arrive at your previous address.

Get A Renters Insurance

Renters insurance covers your belongings in case of theft or damages to your property caused by external factors. This renters insurance is essential when you are moving to a new place, and it should be updated when you move again. There are a lot of affordable renters insurance which you can use to safeguard yourself against any losses.

Get Cleaning and Painting Supplies

Some places may not be pristine clean as you expect and therefore, you may want to clean the place before you move in all the items and especially the furniture.

You can also paint the house in fresh paint but make sure to get the approval of the landlords first. Some landlords may do the painting work themselves. However, if you don’t like the color of the paint or want to do your personalization at the first ever rented place, then you can use wallpapers. Most landlords won’t object to wallpapers as it can be torn easily at the end of your term.

Get An Extra Set of Keys

This is an essential point that most first-time renters may often overlook. It is best to get one or two extra sets of keys and give it to your friends just in case you lose yours. This small step could save you a lot of trouble and money in times when you lock yourself out, and the only way to get in would be to break the door.

If you make sure to follow all these points at the time of your move, you will be all set to move in with no hassles and difficulties. Make your moving process easier as much as you can by noting down all these tips and going through it one by one.


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