7 Exterior Home Renovation And Remodeling Ideas


Exterior Home Renovation

Homes age with time, and if neglected, they can quickly deteriorate. Sagging gutters, peeling shingles, worn out or damaged siding, and other issues can make your property look unattractive, reduce energy efficiency and result in water damage. Updating your home’s exterior gives it a fresh look, enhancing curb appeal.

Exterior remodeling and renovation can help reduce maintenance, improve energy efficiency, enhance safety and security, and increase property value. Before undertaking your home renovation and remodeling project, consider design inspiration, budget, square footage and space, building permits, and whether to work with pros and DIY. This article outlines seven exterior home renovation and remodeling ideas.

  1. Install Wall Cladding

Wall cladding is an excellent way to make your home stand out. If well chosen, wall cladding can add vibrancy and personality to any building. Besides being aesthetically pleasing, it is a protective layer around your house, aiding sound insulation and wind and fire retardation. Wall cladding protects your home from external damage and requires little maintenance. This ensures your building’s mechanical structure remains sound.

Regardless of the construction material used to build your home, wall cladding can be of any type and doesn’t have to depend on your structure’s inherent material. Based on the kind of appeal you’re looking for, including rustic, contemporary, formal, and more, you can choose from the various materials and finishes available. Vinyl, aluminum, stone, wooden, brick, stainless steel, and fiber cement are some of the famous wall cladding ideas you may consider. You can find top-quality cladding products from Amber or other reliable vendors near you.

  1. Update Your Roof

A roof is an essential home feature that protects you from harsh weather conditions, enhances security, and keeps your building safe. An aged roof can make your house fall apart, negatively impacting curb appeal and your property’s worth. It can also expose your interiors to leaks, water damage, mold, and mildew. A roof upgrade is an excellent way to give your home a makeover.

Updating your roof can help solve these issues to boost your home’s curb appeal and increase energy efficiency and resale value. Since a roof is a delicate home feature, you shouldn’t tackle it yourself. Instead, hire an experienced roofing professional to handle it.

  1. Build A Fire Pit

A fire pit is an excellent outdoor space feature where you can gather with family and friends for a good time. Besides making your outdoor space more functional, a fire pit can be a focal point for your exteriors. An outdoor fire pit makes your area multi-seasonal while adding ambiance to it. It also enables you to create a place to relax and unwind. Round brick, flagstone, concrete bowl, cauldron, and spare fire pits are some of the fire pit design ideas you may consider.

When building an outdoor fire pit, prepare a budget and consider the cost, check the local ordinances and codes, and decide whether you’re going for a portable or permanent option. Consider the type of fuel you’ll need, review safety issues, decide on the materials, make design considerations, and beware of your dimensions. If you choose a permanent fire pit, match its style to the existing architecture and landscape for a consistent look. Alternatively, you may select a contrasting fire pit design to make your outdoor space stand out. You can even choose to make a DIY fire pit in your backyard to save on costs. You can even choose to make a DIY fire pit in your backyard to save on costs.

  1. Consider Exterior House Painting

Giving your exterior walls a fresh coat of paint gives your home an exciting new look. Freshly painted surfaces and walls can significantly increase your home’s worth, especially when selling it because they make it look attractive, newer, and clean to prospective buyers. Considering all your exterior walls go through, including wear and tear from grime, hanging items, dust, harsh weather elements, and more, they can get dirty and worn out quickly.

Home exterior painting is a cost-effective way to renovate and remodel your home exterior. A fresh coat of paint keeps your walls safe from moisture, preventing mold and mildew growth and wall damage. Top-quality paint helps resist allergens, dirt, and dust, keeping your house clean. Your choice of color can make your property stand out while achieving a lasting impression. The new paint also makes your siding last longer and keeps bugs at bay.

  1. Update Your Driveway

A beautiful driveway enhances your exterior’s curb appeal. It’s the first impression your visitors get as they approach your property. With river rock as a driveway and garden edging, you can quickly replenish the front of your house while giving it a more organic look. Plant flowers, shrubbery, or trees along the driveway sides to add a design to it and make it catchy. You may also add lights along your driveway’s perimeter for extra visual effect in the evenings when the other elements, such as foliage and flowers, aren’t quite visible.

Pavers and cobblestone are another way to beautify your exteriors. While they’re a significant investment in labor and materials, they significantly enhance curb appeal and are long-lasting. Concrete stamping is an excellent design trend for walkways and driveways. Stamped concrete driveways offer you a wide range of decorative alternatives you might not get from other paving materials.

  1. Consider Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lights enhance your home’s natural beauty by highlighting its unique features, illuminating pathways, and creating an alluring ambiance. It makes your space more functional while providing a relaxing atmosphere and enhancing security. Outdoor lighting significantly impacts your entire patio and garden look, so pay attention to the kind of lighting you’ll need and where it should be set.

This alleviates your property’s aesthetics. Outdoor lighting enhances your property’s value and makes it easier to enjoy your yard even after the sun goes down. Considering the various functional lighting options available in the market, find the one that best suits your exteriors.

  1. Replace Your Garage Doors

Modern garage doors have various finishes, styles, and colors that can significantly enhance your home’s appearance, especially if the existing one is old. They can also increase your property’s market value and attract high-quality buyers. A garage door will reduce heating and cooling costs, limit property access, enhance storage security, reduce insurance premiums, and more. Installing a new garage door dramatically reduces the amount of maintenance needed.


Regular home improvement and maintenance is an excellent way to keep your property in pristine condition while increasing its useful life. Consider implementing these exterior home renovation and remodeling ideas the next time you plan an upgrade.

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  1. Good suggestions! Another remodeling idea you may want to consider is installing new windows. Not only will new windows will improve the exterior of your home, but they also will make a big difference in home insulation. According to this article https://portella.com/blog/how-to-update-the-exterior-of-a-ranch-style-home/, air leaks from windows and doors can account for 30 percent of your home’s energy bill.

  2. Particularity with stone cladding it is best to seek the advice of a licenced stonemason or builder to ensure the structural integrity of the wall it will be installed on. As Stone Cladding can weigh anywhere between 80 to 100kg, you will need to ensure there is enough mechanical fixing to the substate to carry the weight. Great post by the way.


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