7 Facts To Know About Moving Over The Holidays


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The holiday season is upon us, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t move. Relocating during November, December, and January is a wonderful moment with the kids having a break from school. This offers several days off to make a smooth transition. Just like moving any other time, you can’t avoid the stress that comes with the process. Therefore, it pays to know what to expect to make you prepared on how to handle the tension and related hassles. Here are the facts you should know about moving over the holidays.

  1. Enjoying The Holiday Season Is Possible

Regardless of your moving date, you will still enjoy a wonderful holiday season. Saving energy and time requires the whole family to focus on what is more important to them. You can decorate the Christmas tree without taking out all the decorations.

Additionally, you can enjoy homemade cookies or read stories by the fire in the new home. When planning to move after Christmas, you can spend more time together to enjoy the last moments in your old home. Do this without focusing on gifts and travel plans.

  1. You Can Exchange Gifts

When planning your move, look at the calendar and include time for gift-giving. Additionally, get time to shop for gifts and pack them by November when planning to move in December. Most of your season’s celebrations should be on Christmas Eve to ensure that most of your preparations for the move are ready before December 23rd. This will give you time to exchange gifts with loved ones without the tension of moving.

  1. Moving Companies Are Always Busy

Other people look forward to entering the New Year in a new home like you. So, moving companies are bound to be extremely busy. There is usually an increase in demand for moving services in San Diego, making it necessary to book early. The increased demand has escalated since moving companies gave employees time off, leading to staff shortages. Call the moving company a few weeks before your moving date and get a free quote. This will ensure the movers are ready to help you when the moving date comes.

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  1. You Are Likely To Face Heavy Traffic

The holiday season is usually filled with parades and special events. These make travel hard with some streets closed. To make it worse, the roads can fill with families heading on vacations. You can’t ignore the chilly winter weather that might come with snowmaking travel that is more hectic. Regardless of whether you are moving to a local San Diego neighborhood or a long-distance move, plan for the bad weather. Wear protective gear and have some shovels handy to maneuver through the harsh weather elements.

  1. Time To Bid Loved One’s Goodbye

Moving to a new home means leaving loved ones behind. Fortunately, you can enjoy a wonderful moment together during the season before the move. For example, you can call them for dinner on Christmas for a wonderful farewell moment. Everyone is usually in the holiday spirit, but your loved ones are more likely to become more sympathetic in response to the hassles of moving.

At the farewell party, offer some meals and share some last moments before packing for the move. Additionally, this is a great moment to share details regarding your new address and phone contact. This will make it easier for the people you leave behind to locate you. Tell everyone about your moving date so those who have the time can come and give you a hand.

  1. Transition To A New School Is Easy

Your kids are going to attend a new school in the new location. Fortunately, switching schools mid-year will work in your favor. You have to prepare all the appropriate documents that the new school might request. At the new school, teachers give new students more special attention than at the beginning of the year when there are hordes of students to handle.

  1. No Stress To Sap Your Christmas Joy

Planning to move during the holidays comes with various wonderful moments. When packing, you can arrange items you no longer need to donate to charity. This is a wonderful moment to participate in the season’s gift-giving tradition. Additionally, there is great anticipation of celebrating New Year’s from your new home. With a lot to look forward to in the new location, nothing can come in your way of enjoying a wonderful Christmas season.

Bottom Line

The Christmas holiday is usually a great time for families to get together. There is no need to have mixed feelings about entering 2020 in your new home. Booking a reputable moving company before the moving date will ensure a smooth transition. The kids will transition smoothly into a new school, and there are various moments to bid farewell to loved ones before moving.

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