7 Golden Rules For Arranging Living Room Furniture


Living Room Furniture

There is a definite art to making your living room look as appealing and stylish as possible, and you can enjoy that same level of success when you follow some simple but effective golden rules for arranging your furniture.

Making good use of useful and attractive furniture and accessories, such as coffee tables, for example, are part of the solution. Let’s take a look at some of the golden rules to follow so that you can enjoy relaxing in a living room that looks and feels great.

  1. Follow A Tried And Tested Layout Design

Home Interior Layout Design

Interior designers tend to use several proven layout designs when working their magic. Arranging furniture based on a set of basic rules usually creates the best results.

If you have a living room with lots of windows, for instance, a floating layout works well. This involves “floating” your furniture a couple of feet away from walls to create a sort of island effect. Other classic layouts include an L-Shape and a symmetrical layout that is designed to balance the space perfectly.

  1. Make Sure You Pick A Focal Point

Pick A Focal Point

Having a focal point in your room is a powerful design tool and is well worth taking advantage of.

Once you have chosen a suitable focal point, you can then arrange furniture around it.

  1. Think About Where You Put Your TV

Minimalist Interior Design Living Room Lighting TV Wall

Aim to place your TV away from high-traffic areas but put it in a location that allows you to comfortably watch a show when you are not chatting with family and friends.

  1. Think Carefully About Balance

Modern Furniture Pieces

Interior designers will often talk about balance, and for good reason.

Think about the size of each piece of furniture going into the room and work on arranging the pieces in a way that doesn’t feel lopsided or even a bit uncomfortable when you consider the look and feel of the space.

  1. Pick A Good-Sized Coffee Table

Coffee Table

Invariably, it often works well to select a coffee table that is bigger than you might have originally chosen.

A large coffee table is very effective in acting as an anchor for the room. Not only does it look good, but it is highly functional as well, making it an important part of your design plans.

  1. Pick A Rug That Is The Right Size

A Rug

Remember that area rugs should be placed under the furniture. That means you need to pick a rug that is big enough to cover the required area and only leaves a small amount of exposed flooring.

  1. The Perfect Finishing Touch


As well as arranging your furniture in the most efficient and aesthetically pleasing way possible you should also remember that things like wall hangings also impact what you are trying to achieve.

Whether it is artwork or mirrors that you are hanging on the wall, think carefully about the size and how it interacts with your furniture.

Following these golden design rules when arranging your furniture should make it easier to achieve the sort of look and feel of your living room that any interior designer would be proud of.

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