7 Highly Recommended Exterior Door Brands For Your Home


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Most people focus on furnishing an attractive and visually pleasing appearance to their home interiors. But they forget that interior designs don’t build the first impression of their houses. These are the exterior doors that create a lasting impression on every person who visits your place.

The front doors of the house are in distinct styles and materials, such as fiberglass, wood, and steel. You need to buy a good-quality exterior door capable of retaining its design for an elongated period. And for doing so, you may opt for the services of Mikita Door and Window to choose from a wide range of exterior door brands.

So, if you want to know about the top exterior door brands that can fulfill your needs easily, keep reading this article.

Top 7 Exterior Door Companies for Your Home

Here is a list of 7 exterior door brands serving different categories of entry doors in unique designs and multiple colors.

  1. Anderson Entry Doors

Established in the United States, Anderson Entry Doors has emerged as one of the leading companies in the exterior door segment.

This company is renowned for providing premium quality doors at reasonable prices. It offers distinct types of superior products, including steel entry doors, front porches, fiberglass doors, and storm doors.

This brand ensures to satisfy the needs of every homeowner who wishes to give an elegant touch to their houses. Being a part of this industry for 40+ years, the company delivers doors that last long and helps save money with every purchase.

You can opt for Anderson’s entry doors if you want to modify the damaged doors or fix modern entrances at the front side of your house. The company also offers doors in distinct styles and different materials, such as fiberglass, wood, and metals.

  1. ProVia Entry Doors

ProVia Entry Doors has been a successful name in the exterior doors category for more than 3 decades. The company supplies its products for both business and domestic uses. It provides a broad range of fiberglass doors and steel entry doors. You can avail of quality exterior doors in multiple styles here.

The brand offers 3 types of fiberglass doors furnishing an authentic look and enhanced durability. Further, their steel entry doors are available in distinct finishes, including the smooth painted finish and wood grain texture.

Also, their doors are fit for every house because of the vast color options. You can choose this brand to give a refreshing look to your house by installing their highly durable and energy-efficient doors.

Front Door

  1. HomeGuard Entry Doors

HomeGuard Entry Doors is a brand for all types of customers. It has a specialization in delivering several kinds of exterior doors, including its popular range of storm doors along with the installation of exterior windows.

Founded in 1979, this exterior door brand offers high-quality doors to homeowners. For front door entrances, HomeGuard Entry Doors is a company on which you can rely to provide an astonishing look to your house.

Furthermore, it offers a broad product line, including metal and fiberglass doors in distinct forms. You can also get a front entry door at reasonable prices here.

  1. Pella Entry Doors

Pella Entry Doors is the biggest exterior door brand in the United States, enabling its customers to get the perfect doors that complement their houses. The brand maintains an incredible collection of steel entry doors, wooden doors, and premium quality fiberglass doors.

Every door furnishes excellent performance, high quality, and enhanced security. Fiberglass doors have emerged as the most popular segment of Pella. These doors are available in 10 distinct colors, enabling you to pick the right option for your house.

Also, you have the freedom to choose any style that fits your preference. The premium quality of fiberglass prevents rust and dent, giving a lasting finish to your exterior doors.

  1. Therma-Tru Doors

Therma-Tru Doors is another established exterior door brand well-known for introducing fiberglass doors. They offer doors having superior qualities, such as improved resistance to extreme weather conditions, high durability, and long-lasting impressions.

It is also one of the most preferred brands by customers and provides a great range of styles. Your every buck spent is worth an investment because each door is beautifully-crafted and enhances the elegance of your house.

They offer a product line that includes Pulse and Classic Craft ranges, providing modern designs and classic artisan. For getting unique and stylish looks, you can choose their Fiber-Classic and Profiles categories available at unusual rates.

  1. Simpson Door Company

Simpson Door Company is a brand explicitly focusing on the segment of wooden entry doors. It is also one of the leading companies in providing exterior doors with a classic wooden finish.

It gives the flexibility to buyers to obtain customized doors for their houses. All you have to do is specify the dimensions, type of wood, and glass you wish to have in your entry door; the rest will be taken care of by Simpson.

In addition to proper customization facilities, the company also offers high-quality, durable, and impressive doors. Moreover, Simpson ensures to deliver the most appropriately crafted door to your place. Using this door, you can easily give an old-world touch to your modern residence.

  1. Masonite

Everyone wants to have exterior doors that perfectly complement their interior designs. Masonite offers exceptional exterior doors matching the taste of interior styles. This brand gives special attention to the creation of product lines that fit the requirements of your entire house.

The company has different door segments, including architectural glass, steel, wood, and fiberglass exterior doors. It also offers doors that can perfectly fit into every room of your home.

Besides, you have the facility to order customized doors from their vast range of styles and finishes. Hence, the company ensures that incredible designs permeate flawlessly from one room to the other.


Changing exterior doors can modify the complete look of your house. Many brands offer front doors adequate for every home and style. You just need to search for an entry door whose shiny finish can resist unfavorable conditions and gracefully welcome every guest.

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