7 Home Improvements You Should Never DIY


The majority wants to add improvements to their sweet home by incurring minimum costs, and that’s precisely why they might go for DIY techniques. However, there are specific grounds on which DIY is a big NO NO! Now the question may arise, which DIY home improvements should we avoid, and whether or not will there be an emergency plumber available in your area during critical situations.

  1. Painting Your Kitchen Cabinets Needs A Pro

Painting Your Kitchen Cabinets

Coming up with an appropriate kitchen cabinet color is way more complicated than it seems. While in the DIY videos, they show all easy and pro procedures for the paint jobs, however, only the sufferers know that they have to overcome the hurdle of grease, oil and thick layers of dust.

Did you know before proceeding with the paint job that you need to apply a degreasing agent such as diluted TSP and use oil-based paint? Also, it involves specialized equipment and safety measures for your hands.

Therefore, what you will be needing is not a DIY YouTube tutorial but a professional that knows his job.

  1. Do Not Try The DIY Fixtures If You Are A Newbie

DIY Home Improvement

While the guy in DIY videos appears very comfortable and smooth fixing those leakages, but plumbing issues or even pipeline fixtures, it’s not simple. Trust us; if you are not familiar with how to use specific equipment and accessories, the job could get disastrous and also, could cause damage to the surface of the floor.

Therefore, if you are a first timer and unfamiliar with tools, Google “plumbers near me” and call any of them whoever appears on the list first.

  1. Installing Dishwashers Are Not That Easy

Installing Dishwasher

Installing electronics can be very tricky most of the time, given how technology has been advancing drastically. And today, buying a dishwasher does not come with free installation, and we understand you have already spent a lot, and now you want to save a few bucks. However, if you follow DIY videos or articles, and you are not known to the installation process, you will end up incurring more than that installation fee.

  1. Low Water Pressure? Call A Plumber

Call A Plumber For Low Water Pressure Issues

The low water pressure might seem like not-so crucial of a problem, but it is slightly complicated. While DIY fixtures like removing the aerator or cleaning out the drain line with boiling water may do the trick, but if it doesn’t, then do call a professional right away.

If you are not aware of what precisely what you will be required to replace the lines or is it just a small blockage issue; the outcome could get irreparable.

  1. Do Not Attempt To Hammer Down Any Wall By Yourself

DIY Home Improvements

To create a more spacious area, we sometimes hammer down a specific segment of a wall without realizing that the portion could be supplanting the entire floor above. For instance, before getting started with that sledgehammer, bring a contractor to inspect the whole living space beforehand, and mark the portions that must remain unscathed.

Because at the end those DIY videos won’t take charge for that severe damage to your house, and if it’s rented, you will get into more significant troubles.

  1. Installing A Light Is Not That Simple

Installing A Light

Installing lights may not seem so hard, but handling electric lines can be life threating. For instance, you may not know how to handle a live wire; as a result, your whole body could endure 240V of electricity capable of either hurling your body afar or killing you.

Also, the risk of wiring anything incorrectly or overloading the power supply may end up causing sparking outlets, and repairs that are costlier than calling in an electrician.

  1. Repairing A Roof Involves Calculations

Repairing A Roof Involves Calculations

While there are small leakages we may assume that such fixes can be sorted personally; however, in the long run, the fix may not stay permanent and eventually, the job will call for pro roofers for sustenance.

People are doing this job for years now, and we cannot presume we can handle the task after watching a tutorial on Youtube. Overconfidence kills!

Last But Not Least

Do Not Attempt To Install That Gfic Switch Yourself

The GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) has been designed by experts and requires people that understand wiring into electrical circuits like the back of their hands. These switches are a must for homes and offices alike, and you will find plenty of tutorials online.

But the most reliable installers are the professionals always, so please, do not take chances.

To end, DIY is fun, but then again, experts are there for our safety, especially when it comes to home improvements. So take assistance from the experts and avoid damaging your property to save a few extra bucks.

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