7 Home Staging Trends To Make Your Home Sell Quickly


The piles of paper, tchotchkes trunks, and mountains of miscellany in a home that has been occupied for very many years make cleaning a daunt­ing task. However, all these heaps of unwanted staff need to be taken out for home staging. Staged homes have greater rewards than vacant ones or the ones that have not been staged. According to statistics, staged homes sell 17% more than non-staged ones. Additionally, 95% of these staged homes sell within 11 days, which is 87% faster than those not staged. This is why you should stage your home before putting it on sale. And for those really interested in a potential career, you can get a home staging certification online at your pace! The below simple home staging trends are affordable and effective. They will do you right!

  1. Draw A Distinct Line Between What Needs To Be Cleaned, Replaced, And Repaired

Clean Home Design

To stay on top of the trend, know what needs to be cleaned, what needs to be replaced, and what needs to be repaired. For example, rather than replacing that unpleasant shower door, scout it. It is such nitty-gritty that determines the value of a property. Instead of spending too much cash replacing the dated kitchen cabinets, you can stain them.

  1. Clean Your House

Clean Your House

This is a simple yet effective tip that is sure to help you sell a home quickly. Therefore, could you not take it for granted? Shine your floors and gleam your windows and counters. Ensure that your grout and every other surface are scrubbed. Remember to clean the spaces that could bring odor into the house. These can include garbage bins, garages, storehouses, or pet houses.

  1. Remodel And Carry Out Repairs

Remodel Your House

Before you start, think about how you will get a full return on your property, spend some money to remodel and repair any damages in your home. Carry out some cosmetic fixes that will make the property even more attractive. As you carry out the remodels, make every room gender-neutral. A tasteful artwork will help achieve this.

  1. Clear Away Clutter

Clear Away Clutter

Now that you are serious about staging your home, all the clutter must go. This is not an easy step as it requires utilizing offsite storage to store all this clutter temporarily. After cleaning and clearing the surfaces, cupboards, floors, and closets, purge all the unsightly and unnecessary things. Clutter makes the home feel uncomfortable. Therefore, to attract many prospective customers, remove clutter, and make the rooms feel warm, large, and inviting.

  1. Re-Arrange The Furniture

Re-Arrange The Furniture

The dining room table is the one place that customers can never fail to look at. Generally, a large dining room table may appear to be uninviting and bare. An oversized furniture arrangement looks formal and stiff and thus not suitable for a home setting. Because you love your valuable furniture collection does not always mean that your potential buyers will also be in love with them. Keep the color and shades of the furniture and cushions as neutral as possible. Neutral does not mean dull. Instead, it means avoiding sharp colors that may put off your target customers.

  1. Remove All Your Personal Items

Remove All Your Personal Items

Get rid of the family plaques, pictures, framed certificates, and like-manner stuff. Additionally, pack up the tiny things that you hold dearly. Taking away these personal items makes your buyers envision themselves living in the house right away. If they find out that the house is full of another person’s pictures, they feel that their space has been invaded. Finally, do not forget to remove the divisive décor that portrays religion or your political view. If there is anything else that buyers may find offensive, take them away.

  1. Ensure That The House Is Not Empty

Ensure That The House Is Not Empty

It would help if you never sold an empty home. This is because buyers always find it hard to visualize an empty house. The buyer will also feel unsure of how to position their things inside. They tend to notice flaws quickly than they would in a staged home. Even if this vacant house only needs minimal updating, they will assume that they have a lot of work to do when they move into the empty house. For these reasons, ensure your property is not vacant. You do not want to give your buyers the impression that you are desperate; it will lower your house’s cost. Consequently, unfurnished or non-staged apartments feel smaller than they are.


Home staging is one of the effective marketing techniques that is sure to increase your house’s aesthetic appeal. A well-staged home portrays a warm lifestyle that your buyers would want to have. Even though it feels good to be “trendy,” do not exaggerate, lest you end up chasing your prospective customers.

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