7 Incredibly Captivating Princess Bedroom Design Ideas


Princess Bedroom Design

A young child’s bedroom is a place that they consider their own. They want that room to be designed just the way they want, even if it often doesn’t make sense to adults. While young boys usually like superhero-themed rooms, many young girl bedroom ideas revolve around making them feel like princesses.

When it comes to a princess-themed room, the designs have become way more elaborate than what they used to be. It’s no longer just about painting the room pink and using a couple of images or some texture here and there. Now, parents go all out when it comes to girls’ princess bedroom ideas by investing in custom furniture and a lot more. The idea is to make a child feel like a little princess who can have her own private space where she can use her imagination the way she wants.

  1. Mermaid Themed Room

For a unique princess-themed room, you can design one based on the fantastical world of mermaids. This can be done easily if you buy some online design bundles that have some clipart or background images you can paste on the walls of the room. Combining some high-quality mermaid clipart with pastel blue or lilac walls will make a girl’s bedroom look very pretty right away. And the little resident of the room is sure to start feeling like a mermaid princess.

  1. Adding Bunk Beds

How about giving your princess a nice fairytale-inspired bunk bed that looks like a tiny house? This will provide additional space for the child in the room while also giving her a space to customize. She can put all of her toys to sleep on one level while falling asleep on the other level herself. When it comes to creating a calming environment for children, incorporating princess beds with storage can be a helpful step. These beds not only provide a comfortable sleeping space but also offer additional storage options to keep the room organized and clutter-free. By having a designated space to keep their belongings, your child can easily find what they need, reducing feelings of overwhelm and anxiety.

  1. Disney Themed Room

Disney Themed Room

You can’t have a list of girls’ princess bedroom ideas and not talk about Disney princesses. There are so many toys and pieces of furniture designed on this theme that it’s easy to come up with a princess bedroom. If you don’t want to spend too much on fancy furniture, use some design bundles and Google Slides themes to create your artwork and place them in the room.

  1. Painting A Castle

What better way to make a child feel royal than painting an actual castle behind their bed? While using images and pasting them on walls is a great idea, creating murals in the room is something else. You can paint the child’s favorite characters and scenes from her favorite movies or cartoons on the walls to instantly transform their space into something out of a storybook.

  1. Everything Pink

While it is not set in stone that little girls will love everything pink, a lot of them do. If your daughter is in the same boat, then a simple pink bedroom will make them feel like royalty without too much else. Sometimes, bedroom decorating ideas can be very simple and make young girls feel great in their own space. Using pastel pink walls with a nice champagne-colored bed or other pieces of furniture, you can easily turn a boring room into one that’s just for your little princess.

  1. Adding A Carriage Bed

One of the themed furniture pieces you can put in the room is a carriage-like bed. While they may not be able to sit in this carriage and be driven away to faraway lands, they will still feel like they are essential when they sleep in it.

  1. Using A Castle Bed

Going back to the idea of bunk beds, how about creating a bunk bed that looks like a castle? With nice little details like curtains with cutouts like arches and a tower over the ladder, you could easily convert a girl’s bedroom into a tiny kingdom. And just for fun, you could add a little slide that brings her back down from the top level.


As you can see, creating a princess-themed room is not very difficult if you know what you’re doing. If you have space and some budget, invest in some specialized pieces of furniture. If you are low on budget, use some clipart or design bundles to print out large background images to place on the walls. Combine those with simple, fancy-looking furniture, and you can have a beautiful bedroom that your little princess will fall in love with.

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