7 Inspirational Ideas for Decorating All Types of Kitchens


7 Inspirational Ideas for Decorating All Types of Kitchens

Are you tired of your old kitchen decor? Need some advice and inspiration? You are at the right place.

The kitchen is one of the busiest rooms in the house. Almost everyone uses the kitchen.

Some of you may be struggling with the size of your kitchen, lack of storage space, too much clutter, lack of light, or mobility. For some, you may just be looking for the right inspiration to transform your kitchen into a brand new masterpiece!

We have looked for different resources and came up with this short list of decor ideas for your kitchen that can maximize its usability while making it a cozy place to lounge in. So, here we go!

  1. Brilliant Storage Ideas

Kitchen Storage Ideas

Storage is probably the essential aspect of the kitchen. Without enough space for storage, it is challenging to keep all of the utensils in place. It is dangerous to have sharp objects lying around too, because they may cause accidents.

Easy Access

Attach retractable racks so that it is easier for you to get the right pots and pans out without a fuss. A cabinet that can be pulled out will be much easier on your neck and shoulders.

Crockery drawers let you store plates of any size, without the danger of breaking them, so give them a try. Besides, smaller utensils can be stored inside the cabinet door by attaching utensil hangers.

Color Coordinate

Always store your plates and cups in color coordination to save time looking for the right one. Also, this organization strategy will boost the aesthetics of your kitchen.

Create Extra Space

Additionally, you can transform the sides of your counter to store essential items. You have to keep everything neatly-placed in boxes of the same color and shape to avoid an open-shelving mess.

If you have a small kitchen, get swing tools, which you can hide under the counter when they are not being used. This way, there will be more space to move around. Plus, your small kitchen will look neater.

Besides, a pull-out cutting board looks more refreshing than a regular cutting board. It even has a hole, so that you can throw the scraps straight into the trash bin. No more mess!

  1. Bright Lighting

Kitchen Lighting

Lighting in the kitchen is essential. You need good light to make up for lack of windows. Also, you want your porcelain utensils to shine, especially when you want to impress your guests.

Long brass pendants can make your kitchen space look ultra modern and sophisticated. Depending on how unique your kitchen interior is, you can attach a chandelier to make it look divine.

To make small spaces appear more prominent, stick to plain, neutral colors. Additionally, to make the area look brighter, use white curtains and white wall paint. Fairy lights in the corners can help warm up the room.

  1. The Best Color Combinations

Kitchen Color

Your kitchen is not just a place to prepare meals; it is also a place where you can have dinner with your friends and family, as well as relax with a mug of coffee or tea. So, you want to make it as comfy and peaceful as possible.

Some of the calming color combinations that you can choose are light grey and mint, white and silver, teal and porcelain, or peach and cream. You can also experiment with different shades of white, as it will make your kitchen look brighter and more spacious.

By choosing only neutral colors, you allow your kitchen decor to match the cups, plates, and other utensils. It is also easier to find curtains and furniture in neutral colors on the market.

  1. Bring Nature Home

Kitchen Furniture

You may have stocked up your refrigerator with organic and natural foods, but have you considered using natural products for your furniture? If you want to go organic, why not go all the way?

Yes, you can add some plants here and there to give your kitchen a nature-friendly look. However, you can also bring nature home by getting wooden or bamboo furniture, cabinets, and customized drawers. Wood and bamboo utensils are also available to match the interior of the kitchen.

  1. New Technology

Kitchen Gadgets

The WiFi-enabled espresso maker may have been sitting in your cart for a month now. It’s time to ‘proceed to check out’ and install that excellent machine in your kitchen!

There are so many kitchen gadgets that are available right now, and you should take the opportunity to renovate your kitchen with them. If you have been hoarding that broken juice maker in the cabinet, it’s time to throw it away and get a new one that uses advanced technology.

If you do a quick search at Faveable.com, you will find different cool gadgets that can upgrade your kitchen. Some of them are smart drinking water filters, egg shelf life detectors, carbon monoxide monitors, or an indoor grilling machine.

  1. Add Patterns

Kitchen Patterns

Even a small kitchen space can contain light patterns to improve the overall appearance of the kitchen. You can use wallpaper, paint, or tile on the surface for attractive patterns.

Lace, stripes, and braids are the common patterns that you can apply in your kitchen. It’s better to stick to these simple designs to keep the simplicity and spaciousness of the kitchen. Don’t forget to keep it neutral, so that it complements other parts of the kitchen.

  1. Miscellaneous

Kitchen Decor

Before you start decorating your kitchen, make sure that you throw away everything unnecessary. The best kitchen is a clean kitchen. Unnecessary clutter only makes things worse.

Buy storage boxes to keep small items and place them in the cabinets. Also, label them so that you can find them easily. Utilize DIY reusable containers to keep nuts, spices, and snacks.

A beautiful rug can add warmth to your kitchen, especially during the winter season. Scented candles and wall art will add dimension to your dining space.

Take Away

The kitchen is where everybody hangs out – whether to eat, cook, or relax. What we eat, and how we prepare what we eat, defines our wellbeing.

The kitchen tools that you use must be clean and reusable. Pest controls your kitchen as well to prevent contamination.

Please don’t use toxic materials to decorate your kitchen. Try to pick non-toxic materials made of natural ingredients.

Lastly, cooking and decorating are both influential creative outlets. So, let your inner artist out whenever you are renovating and reorganizing this unique space. Overall, happy decorating!

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