7 Interior Design Trends That Are Making A Comeback


Interior Design Trends

Trends continuously come and go. One day something’s a faux pas, and the next, it’s ultra-chic. The decor items you remember from your childhood are now popping up in magazines, design stores, and more. They’re suddenly everywhere! If you noticed a few of those trends lately, your eyes are not deceiving you.

And just what are some of those trends? From wallpaper to globe lighting and boho-inspired textiles, here are seven interior design trends that are making a comeback.

  1. Versatile, Timeless Flooring

One of the most significant interior design trends that is making a comeback centers around flooring. More and more, homeowners make conscious choices on their home’s flooring and land on versatile, timeless colors. For instance, classic white oak and whitewash floors allow you to create a clean palette that can transition and embrace whatever trend comes and goes. Whatever types of flooring you choose, whether it’s authentic hardwood flooring or vinyl flooring, muted stains and muted colors open up a world of options.

  1. Globe Lighting

Globe lighting was a huge interior design trend in the ’60s era, carried over through mid-century modern style. While globe lighting was all the rage, the style slowly faded away through no fault of its own. After all, it has an elegant design and a lovely diffused glow. And in 2020, it’s making a comeback once again. From elegant drop globe pendants over a kitchen island to a globe chandelier in the entryway, these realtor-inspired lighting fixtures offer a classic round shape that can withstand the test of time.

  1. Colorful Appliance Finishes

Stainless steel was once the hands-down go-to finish for kitchen appliances. But today, more and more appliance brands are offering bold color options to help spice up the area. For example, Viking and Wolf range in bright reds and navy blues to suit your colorful cooking preferences. These brightly-hued appliances stand out in a neutral-tone, modern farmhouse kitchen while also offering a retro-inspired design aesthetic. Homeowners seek out equal parts form and function, beautiful and high-quality appliances to give their kitchens a more dramatic look.

  1. Graphic Wallpapers

Graphic Wallpapers

Wallpaper has made a comeback in a big, bold way. While many homeowners once peeled outdated and fussy wallpaper from every angle (yes, even the ceilings) as they cursed the previous owners, wallpaper seems to have found its place in the home again. A comeback from the ’80s and a faux pas ever since, wallpaper is now welcome, but with a few minor adjustments.

Instead of shy and dainty florals that get much too busy, the wallpaper is bold and graphic. Another tweak? It’s also not plastered over every square inch of a room. Used to accent a single focal wall or to add interest above beadboard or shiplap, wallpapers are used sparsely and with intention. For example, you can use boldly printed florals above the wainscoting in a bathroom or a niche set back along with a foyer. In other words, wallpaper is no longer frowned upon or considered old-fashioned, so long as you show restraint in how much you use and, almost contradictory, going big or going home when it comes to patterns and prints. The more drama, the better!

  1. Brass Fixtures

Another trend of the ’80s that lingered into the ’90s is brass finish fixtures. But these are making a comeback as well. From bathroom showerheads to lighting fixtures to doorknobs throughout the home, brass trimmings were everywhere, and now they’re trending once again. In the early heyday of HGTV, many renovation shows would recommend replacing brass fixtures with nickel or stainless steel. But the finish that was once considered outdated is now being used to adorn our fixtures, lighting, and knobs in 2020.

In fact, brass fixtures and finishes are among the main elements of a modern farmhouse-style home, made famous by the HGTV Fixer Upper star Joanna Gaines. From kitchen faucets of a farmhouse sink to exterior lanterns and outdoor lighting fixtures, brass is one of the biggest interior design trends making a comeback.

  1. Boho Textiles

The recent bohemian interior design trend came to a few comeback textiles—namely, macrame and sherpa. Like many trends, however, they came back in their own unique way and through many home decor objects. While you can still find gorgeously handcrafted macrame wall hangings, the textiles and macrame-like patterns are also being used on pillows, rugs, and even light fixtures and upholstered chairs.

Speaking of upholstery, sherpa and shearling is another retro-inspired interior design trend that’s making a comeback. Yes, it’s still as shaggy and furry as before, but it can give off a hygge Scandinavian home decor style used in minimal applications. Instead of using sherpa and shearling to create a glamorous vibe, use it to add a cozy texture and bring nature into a modern home, adding interest against natural woodsy elements and neutral hues.

  1. Rattan Furniture

Rattan Furniture

While the term “wicker” definitely calls to mind a particular era, you’ll find this interior design trend much more palatable these days. Disguised under new names like “rattan” and “cane,” this style of furniture has had more than one come back over time and was popularized in the early 1900s and the ’60s. So, it’s safe to say that rattan–or whatever you prefer to call it–can be quite timeless when used correctly. How do you use it correctly? Today, rattan and cane are used in only a handful of interior styles: coastal, boho, and eclectic. You see it in the hanging rattan chairs (the seat often draped with shearling) and in rattan baskets, lighting, and more. At the core, rattan and cane lend a casual vibe and natural elements to a space that people can’t get enough of.

Do any of these interior design trends inspire you to redecorate? Do they give you some fresh ideas? Remember: Don’t scoff at your parents’ outdated decor tastes because you never know when it might be in style again. Before long, you’ll be asking to borrow original vintage decor items.

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