7 Landscaping Tips For Beginners


If you recently moved into your first home or have been living in your residence for some time, you may be interested in undertaking some landscaping of your own. Being a first-time landscaper presents a situation where you likely have some questions and concerns.

The reality is that you can undertake successful landscaping at your home relatively easily. These are seven tips that you will want to bear in mind when you contemplate landscaping your home for the first time.

Welcome Guests With Flowers

Welcome Guests With Flowers

Flowers at a residence make a home welcoming. Many people plant flowers in the backyard but often don’t pay as much attention to the front of the house. This particularly is the case for a person involved in real landscaping for the first time.

A tip for beginning landscapers is to plant some flowers on the front side of the residence. These flowers can be placed in pots or hanging baskets at or around the porch. They can also be included in tidy flower beds placed in moderation in the front yard.

You do not want to do overdo when it comes to flower beds in the front yard. Going overboard in the front yard with flower beds can take away from other features at your residence. In addition, if your motivation in landscaping is to improve the curb appeal of your home in anticipation of putting it on the market for sale, you do need to use moderation.

If you go too far with planting flowers in the front yard, you may turn off potential buyers. They might react to a menagerie of flower beds in the front yard thinking that “this will be too much to tend.”

Plant Rambling Vines

Plant Rambling Vines

Another tip to consider when landscaping for the first time is to plant what are known as rambling vines at your home. Rambling wines are those that freely and easily grow on a fence or trellis. However, they can also be grown in containers or can be allowed to “scramble” over shrubbery.

A prime example of an ideal rambling vine is clematis. This type of vine has lovely flowers in various colors, including purple, red, white, pink, blue, and purple.

Deal With Your Driveway

Deal With Your Driveway

Like most homeowners, you may not be thrilled with your driveway. Indeed, it might not be in the best condition.

A landscaping tip for a beginner permits you to address issues with your driveway at the same time. You can begin by creating a slightly raised island of lawn off to the side or at the center of your driveway, spending on how it is designed. (Off to the side for a straight drive, in the middle for a U-shaped or circular one.)

At the back of the island, you can plant a hedge, with flowers higher in the island, as if they are rising above the greenery. You can use annuals or perennials, whatever you desire. Rose bushes work nicely in this type of setting as well.

Take Advantage Of Lilies

Deal With Your Driveway

There are easy-to-maintain lilies that you want to seriously consider using in your landscaping scheme. For example, crinums do not require fertilizer, are very hearty, and give off a magnificent scent. These plants are practically indestructible.

Use Planters And Baskets

Use Planters And Baskets

You will also want to add dimension to your landscaping. You can accomplish this by using planters and hanging baskets at different locations on your property. For example, you can adorn your patio with hanging baskets and planters along the side of that area.

Plant Blooming Shrubs

Plant Blooming Shrubs

Another great addition to your landscaping is blooming or flowering shrubs. These are easy to tend and add a splash of color to your lawn. The Chinese snowball shrub is an excellent example of a blooming shrub. The shrub can grow upwards to 12 to 20 feet tall and wide as well.

Conceal Outdoor Structures

Outdoor Structures

If you have things on your property like a shed or outdoor workplace, you may want to conceal it to some degree. You can add shelves on the exterior to place plants contained in lightweight planters. Hanging baskets may also work. Shrubs and bushes near the outdoor structure are also excellent additions.

You will not be able to conceal the shed completely. But, you need not go that route. Concealing, in this case, really means making it look like a beautiful part of your overall landscaping.

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