7 Master Bedroom Design Ideas For Your New House


Your master bedroom is your sanctuary – a place to escape the pressures of general life. There is nothing better after a hard day’s work than to lie down on your cozy bed and relax. As an intimate part of yourself, your bedroom deserves a lot of attention, even if not many see it. No matter how large your space is or how bold your decorating preference is, you are sure to find inspiration with these master bedroom design ideas. In no time, you will be creating the perfect resting space for your new house.

  1. Color Palette

Bedroom Color Palette

Your choice of colors helps set the overall ambiance of your bedroom. If the space is small, a monochromatic look is a way to go. This makes your bedroom feel open and airy. If you are going for a dramatic look, choose a high-contrast color scheme. Pair white with a bold color like navy, turquoise, or yellow. You can also create a high-contrast effect with your choice of bedding, artwork, and rugs.

Choosing a theme for your bedroom also works. You can go all vintage and have your headboard and side table custom-made to fit the vibe. You can choose the floral sophistication bedding sets or go to the Mediterranean with bold colors and textures. Whatever theme or color combinations you choose, make sure that the palettes exude a sense of comfort. Your bedroom should function as it should – to give you a goodnight’s sleep.

  1. Lighting Options

Bedroom Lighting Ideas

Having just one overhead light in your bedroom can be frustrating. A lamp beside the bed is the usual option, but if you want to be playful, there are varieties of lighting options to choose from. Adding a chandelier is one of the most popular master bedroom decorating ideas nowadays. Choose one that suits your style. It can be modern and sleek, or elegantly traditional. A pendant light also works beautifully, especially combined with some cozy lighting.

If you are going after a whimsical look, try adding string lights. You can put them anywhere to create interesting lighting. They also add art features in your bedroom. Hang them on the ceiling, on the walls, or the headboard. String lights come in different colors, so you have plenty of choices. Wall scones are also useful lighting fixtures. They give the illusion of a bigger space. Positioned on either side of the bed, scones are as great as reading or task lighting.

  1. Seating Area

Bedroom Seating Area

Ideally, your bedroom should be placed where you not only sleep but also spend most of your free time. For when you do not feel like lounging in bed, you might want to consider having a seating area. Upgrade your simple master bedrooms by adding a padded chair or a bean-bag. A good spot to sit down will serve you well when you read a book or check your emails.

Before considering a seating area for your bedroom, ask yourself first what its main function is going to be. If you like reading, a plush armchair next to your bookcase is the best option. If you will use it mostly to catch up with the shows you missed, consider a loveseat or a day bed. This will give you plenty of room to stretch and be comfortable.

  1. Creative Storage

Storage Bed

Storage plays a key role in your master bedroom design. To make the most of the limited space in your bedroom, try incorporating your storage solutions into your decor. This way, they will serve as double duty – to keep your belongings and to add personality to your furnishing. Consider investing in built-in closets for a more polished look. You can customize them according to your needs. A trunk at the end of your bed is also a great spot for extra storage.

Using decorative bins under your bed is another easy storage solution. Choose materials that will hold up well and look great doing it, like milk crates or woven baskets. If you are buying a new bed, consider one with drawers underneath. For bedrooms with higher ceilings, try having a loft or a platform with storage for your sleeping area. This layout works particularly well in small rooms.

  1. Greenery

Bedroom Greenery

Greeneries can make your space feel more alive. They also help clean the air and let you get a better night’s sleep. If you have not purchased a new home yet, consider one with trees on and around the property, as the homes by Paradise Developments. You can also add plants in your bedroom. Place them on your side table, on the window ledge, or put them in hanging baskets. If you want to maximize your bedroom space, try wall planters. These also function as cool master bedroom decor.

  1. Wall Art

Bedroom Wall Art

Wall arts add visual interest to an otherwise plain bedroom. When choosing pieces for your master bedroom decor, keep variety in mind. Do not be afraid of mixing different shapes and sizes, as well as frame styles. For the artwork itself, play with colors and textures. There is no need to go overboard. You may opt for a single statement art piece that speaks to you. Choose distinct function areas to place your wall décor, like the space above your bed or in your seating area.

  1. Textiles

Velvet Quilt

To bring visual weight to your master bedroom design, experiment with textiles for your bedding and curtains. You want your bedroom to be warm and cozy, and textiles can easily add these to your space. Consider adding texture with textile for a homey feel. Layer your bedding with multiple materials for an instantly glamorous upgrade. Think silk duvet and velvet quilt on linen fitted sheets. You can go monochromatic with tonal variations of one color or colorful with cheerful patterns.

Curtains tie a room together. When looking for curtain ideas for your bedroom, consider your choice of fabric. Airy and sheer options look lovely but do not keep the light at bay like heavier fabrics like thick cotton, and luxurious velvets do. The curtain can also be plain or patterned. If you have a neutral scheme going, use fabrics with bold prints or colors. Rugs also add a pop of color. Pick one that is stylish and feels good on your feet.

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