7 Modern Decoration To Enhance Your Living Room


Modern decor is mostly about two things: functionality and beauty. If you’re thinking about upgrading your home, it’s a good idea to start with your living room. Take a cue from contemporary designers. After you’re done with your CLF Services Electrician Brisbane, it’s time to have a look around the room. These easy decor items will make it come to life. Color, texture and ease of use are the hallmarks of this style. Take advantage of options that will make it space you’ll want to use all year long.

  1. Colourful Sofa

Colourful Sofa

Sofas come in many different types. From scaled-down futons to oversized sectionals, a great sofa serves as the anchor point of any room. Today’s sofa designers are shucking off bland browns and greys. Instead, they’ve ramped up the colour. Use this to your advantage. A bright blue chesterfield in a bold shade of neon blue is sure to capture attention. Add in pillows in a contrasting texture and pattern, and you’ll have something comfortable but eye-catching.

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  1. Contemporary Rug

Contemporary Rug

Rugs are a must for any home. They bring in warm, colour and texture. Rugs also bring in the other level of warm that helps keep your home cosy and protect it from drafts. If you’re wondering which kind of rug is right for your living room, think about the entire space, including the size and the type of windows. An enormous room benefits from a large rug that anchors the furnishings to the floor. A large rug also works well in a smaller room where it can serve as an instant focal point. Consider a rug with large, bold florals that bring spring inside even when it’s raining.

  1. Geometric Lighting

Geometric Lighting

All living rooms need to be appropriately lit to make it possible to see and do things. The living room gets a lot of use during the day and at night. It needs enough lighting to make it possible to do everything from reading to admiring the view. A combination of natural light and varied types of lamps is best. Add pizzazz with geometric lighting. Geometric lighting shades have elegant shapes and angles. In doing so, they add much-needed contrast and tension. Hang two geometric pendant lamps on the ceiling to give the room a sense of movement and energy. Adding standing geometric lamps can go on the floor for additional light at night.

  1. Luxury Curtains

Luxury Curtains

Curtains serve many purposes. Curtains can be used to help block an less than attractive view. They also allow light to filter in to help warm up space and yet preserve privacy at the same time. Luxury curtains add that extra layer of style that will make any living room a true retreat. Modern designers are showing off curtain styles in lushly inviting fabrics. Silk curtains can be hung with fabric that pools at the bottom for a look that is all about showing off a beautiful modern window. Many designers are choosing to incorporate the same fabric found in the sofa for use with the curtains. For example, if you have a velvet sofa, pick out curtains in the same fabric for your living room. You’ll get a streamlined look that unified and brings everything together in one place. Pair with sheers in white to make sure the room has ample natural light.

  1. Modern Fireplaces

Modern Fireplace

A fireplace can serve many purposes. Fireplaces add that extra element that makes any room beautiful. At the same time, the fireplace makes it easy to light a fire in the room to keep it warm when it gets colder. Updated fireplaces are a great way to add in a fabulous layer of additional style and even colour. Add in glass doors to make it easy to start a fire and enjoy the light in an unobstructed manner. Modern fireplaces are about safety and beauty at the same time. Tile the hearth to add contrast to the rest of the room’s flooring. A series of colourful tiles are not only stunning. They’re also very easy to care for, and they will help make sure the fire stays inside the fireplace without spilling over into your living room.

  1. Metallic Accents

Metallic Accents

Metallics are an excellent way to add in verve to your living room. Items in shades of copper, silver and gold bring in light and pay homage to the beauty of the natural world at the same time. Place a small scale copper sculpture on your living room table or atop the mantelpiece. As it ages, copper acquires a beautiful patina. This patina is an excellent opportunity to bring in something that will age as well as your decor. Designers are showing off metallic furniture pieces you can buy. Think about a silver-coated coffee table to place next to the sofa for contemporary appeal. A brightly coloured brass frame surrounding a large and highly detailed incised mirror is another way to help the entire room feel interesting from the very first time someone sets eyes on it.

  1. Textured Wall Hangings

Metal Wall Art

The texture is another element that every single living room needs to look lively and appealing. Adding in texture can be done in many simple ways. Today’s modern innovators have developed all sorts of items with textures. For example, a textured wall hangings can be found everywhere. A large wool piece can serve as a rug. It can also be hung on the wall to show off the item’s pleasing feel and add dimension to the entire space. Look for wall hangings with a colour palette that matches the colours already present for a harmonious feeling. Textured wall hangings in colour on the opposite side of the colour wheel can also be used to provide additional colour. Wall hangings work well in any room. Put one on top of the fireplace or along a wall next to the sofa to make it easy to enjoy them.

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