7 Most Beautiful Luxury Bathrooms In The World


Your bathroom is your sanctuary. It is a place where you can lock the door, loosen up, and invigorate your tired body. It is no wonder, then, that you want your bathroom to look elegant and luxurious. You wish that every experience you get is akin to that of being in a spa. The kind that fills you with utter bliss as you soak in your tub and immerse in its warm scented water. You can use either a drop-in or a walk-in tub; it is all up to you. What matters is that your bath time is your own, to reflect, to relax, and to restore yourself.

We, therefore, bring these stunning bathrooms from hotels across the globe and the private residences of renowned celebrities to inspire you. Let their comfort and richness serve as inspiration for your next renovation project.

  1. Four Seasons Resort in Bali, Indonesia

Four Seasons Resort In Bali - Indonesia

The Four Seasons Resort in Bali, Indonesia, conveys the characteristics of a real Balinese village. Traditional materials are used extensively throughout the resort.

The baths feature limestone walls. Also, exquisite fixtures and fittings give them an elegant ambiance. These include traditional towel rails made of caramel-hued Balinese wood, classical baths, and antique faucets. Some villas have tubs hugging the exterior walls. Others have al-fresco showers that provide a magnificent view of its lush and verdant surroundings.

  1. Luxurious Spa Bath in Jennifer Aniston’s Beverly Hills Home

Luxurious Spa Bath In Jennifer Aniston's Beverly Hills Home

The luxurious home of actress Jennifer Aniston sits on a hillside overlooking Beverly Hills. It has a Zen-like atmosphere, with abundant use of dark wood, travertine stone, and marble. Furthermore, this luxury is reflected in the actress’ spa bath that anyone would be jealous of.

The soaking tub hugs one big glass panel at one side of the bathroom. This panel opens automatically out to a fenced-in private garden that features large boulders and plants. Thus, this garden makes it a beautiful and serene setting for her bathroom.

  1. Tropical Indoor-Outdoor Bath in Judy Blume’s Residence in Key West, Florida

Tropical Indoor Outdoor Bath in Judy Blume's Residence in Key West - Florida

Noted writer and author Judy Blume’s home in Key West, Florida, offers a tranquil interior that flows out to wide palm-tree-lined terraces. Similarly, the bathroom opens out into a pocket garden. Also, a slate-covered wall has a waterfall shower built into it. An oval freestanding tub also faces outside, thus providing the bather a relaxing and serene view of palms, orchids, and other flowering plants.

  1. Blockbuster Oasis in Michael Bay’s Miami Beach Home

Blockbuster Oasis In Michael Bay's Miami Beach Home

Famous film director Michael Bay’s home in Miami Beach, Florida, makes ample use of natural materials like limestones, coral stone, onyx, and wood that effectively brings in the sand, sea, and sky. This is reflected in the glass-enclosed master bath with etched-stone tiling. The tub made of cast-concrete sits on one side while a pipe-floor standing shower panel is located at one corner.

  1. Southern Ocean Lodge in Kangaroo Island, Australia

Southern Ocean Lodge In Kangaroo Island - Australia

Southern Ocean Lodge offers a one-of-a-kind travel experience to Kangaroo Island, South Australia. It sits atop a cliff and provides a commanding view of the Southern Ocean and the island’s unique and untouched wilderness.

The dramatic bathroom echoes the sophistication, class, and intimacy of the Lodge. The granite hand-carved tub hugs the glass-paneled wall. It also has a rain shower and heated floors made of limestone. You can immerse yourself in the lap of luxury when you bathe in Southern Ocean Lodge.

  1. Il Salvatiano in Florence, Italy

IL Salvatiano In Florence - Italy

Il Salviatino is a 15th-century villa up in the hills of Florence. Its beautiful boudoirs, frescoes, antique tubs, and artworks make this beautiful hotel one of the finest and luxurious places in the Tuscan city. You cannot help feeling like an Italian nobility as you look up at a fresco by Bruschi while bathing in the Affresco Suite.

  1. Nay Palad Hideaway in Siargao, The Philippines (formerly DEDON Island)

Dedon Island Resort - Philippines

Nay Palad is the ‘’laboratory’’ for Dedon’s famous line of outdoor furniture. Dedon’s mantra of ‘’barefoot luxury’’ is evident all over the resort. It is even palpable in the resort’s baths. These feature locally-sourced materials like bamboo, thatch-roofing, yakal wood, and indigenous stones.

A concealed rain shower falls into a sunken pebble-lined area at the center of the bathroom. The luxury bath effectively blurs the line between the outdoors and the indoors. Hence, it maintains a sense of openness without sacrificing privacy.

These stunning bathrooms evoke a sense of opulence and luxury, which you can recreate in your own homes. They serve as design inspirations in creating that oasis of calm and tranquillity in your own home. Make your bathrooms an inviting and welcoming area and a personal retreat. Thus, you will ultimately have your private sanctuary.

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