7 Myths Probably Killing Your Sleep Quality


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Sleep is an essential aspect of life. It significantly affects overall wellbeing and general health. There is a lot of information regarding sleep, although much of it is not necessarily factual. During sleep, the brain and body undergo critical repair and restoration for proper functioning and health. It is important to debunk some of the mistruths that have been affecting your sleep. Here they are.

  1. You Must Sleep For 8 Hours Every Night

It is reasonable, but not realistic. Sleeping longer increases sleep-related anxiety, especially when you struggle to sleep. It is impossible to force sleep for particular hours. With common knowledge that you need 8 hours of sleep or more, you’re likely to try making those hours. In the end, this makes sleep more difficult. You are expected to begin feeling worried and anxious about making the 8 hours. Getting this from your head lessens the pressure to sleep. It allows for obtaining a good night’s sleep in the best way possible.

  1. Listening To Music Or Watching TV Can Make You Fall Asleep

It is not true that keeping the radio or TV on will make you fall asleep. You might fall asleep faster, but the brain is inhibited from restful sleep. The sounds from the radio or television keep the brain language centers active. It makes the body and minds conscious of the surroundings to prevent good sleep. It contributes to fatigue and poor sleep. Soothing the brain to sleep requires a color-changing mood lamp or music without lyrics. These encourage brain language centers to relax.

  1. Snoring Is Harmless

Many people believe this. However, snoring is linked to conditions like sleep apnea with consequent breathing interruptions. When untreated, apnea leads to cardiovascular problems, weight gain, and high blood pressure. A poor mattress that lacks appropriate support causes snoring. The solution is to invest your money in a new mattress sale in Dubai to prevent snoring and its related problems.

  1. Older Folks Don’t Need Much Sleep

Adults should get about 6 to 9 hours of sleep to stay healthy. Older adults usually have health issues making them unable to get 7 to 9 hours of sleep. However, these typically take naps during the day to make up for the lost time at night. It is true that older adults sleep less than young adults but not because they don’t need more sleep. Older folks usually have brain changes resulting from age-related shifts in sleep patterns. It explains why older adults have fragmented sleep, wake up very early, and sleepless.

  1. Alcohol Encourages Falling Asleep Faster

A glass of red wine can indeed help ease falling asleep. However, it might disrupt the sleep cycles during the night. You might fall asleep after having a few drinks, but the chances of waking up after a few hours are high. It means alcohol is not a reliable sleep enhancer. Your sleeping pattern is likely to be disrupted for days when you drink and those when you sleep sober.

  1. A Sleep Fund Works Great

Not sleeping enough creates a sleep deficit, but you can’t make up for the lost sleep. In the same way, you can’t sleep for the future or regain lost sleep. Sleeping heavily on weekends can’t make up for the missing rest during the week. It is better to get the same sleep hours every day. It requires developing an effective bedtime routine for the right balance in your regular schedule.

  1. Staying Up Late Before Getting Into Bed

 Do you believe in staying up late to get tired and fall asleep? It is a bad strategy since the body is likely to release fatigue-fighting hormones. It leads to low quality sleep and making you feel more tired. Going to bed about 30 minutes earlier before your usual bedtime is a good idea. It helps the body fall gently into sleep leading to a more pleasant experience.


Getting quality sleep is essential for your health and overall wellbeing. Ideas to enhance your sleep quality include buying a new mattress and going to bed earlier. These increase chances of gentle ad healthier sleep without having to worry about snoring and its related problems. Debunking the above myths have given you better ideas for enhancing sleep quality.

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