7 Need-To-Know Kitchen Renovation Ideas In 2021


Kitchen Renovation

Because of the pandemic, most people have been spending more time at home than ever before. It has significantly changed the way they live, cook, and relax in their homes. Nowadays, the kitchen has become the most functional area of every house, and, now, their functions are changing as well. From just a cooking space to an entertainment area for guests, the kitchen area is continuously evolving.

Renovating your kitchen not only improves your daily living but also adds more value to your home. Home design experts have already shared some of the best and trendy kitchen renovation ideas for 2021, with flexibility, cleanliness, and hygiene remaining as top priorities. Below, take a look and see which appliances, colours, and fixtures will be trendy for 2021.

  1. Warm Colors

Ranging from red to yellow to orange, these colours provide a relaxing sanctuary for those who’ve been in a lot of turmoil—you may not notice it as you naturally gravitate toward them. Similar to your favourite comfort foods, these comfort colours provide a certain sense of familiarity and optimism while facing problems. Design experts also recommend to pair them with natural wood tones, greenery, and woven textures.

Can’t decide which furniture and colours would be the best pair?  A Sydney kitchen renovation team or one from where you live might help.

  1. Strong Outdoor Connections

This year’s key design element will be focused on creating a visual and physical connection to the outdoors. This is simply because of the restrictions inhibiting people to go outside due to the pandemic.

According to kitchen renovation experts, using bifold doors and big windows will provide a less obtrusive and more elegant view. These doors and windows also let natural light and fresh air enter, which improves visibility and creates an open feel to your kitchen.

  1. Large Islands

With a minimum size of 2.3 sqm, islands have become an essential part of the kitchen due to its wide range of use, such as creating additional storage and work surface. They also function as a dining area as they provide more kitchen seating than your usual dining table.

Kitchen island renovations are quite costly. But, a clever trick to expand your previous island without losing a penny is by adding drawer storage. It can be vintage, metal, or whatever you have at home. Having a large island will make your kitchen versatile.

  1. Modern Black Surfaces

Kitchen Island

If you want to show off your kitchen renovation to everyone, dark countertops are a perfect solution. They can provide a dramatic impact and bring an elegant and sleek design when paired with crisp white cabinets. With their sharp contrasting features, your food and your presentation, such as bright-coloured flowers, will surely stand out.

  1. Increased Storage

As more and more people spend their time at home, they tend to consume a lot of groceries and purchase new kitchen gadgets and appliances. With this, you have to consider two kitchen storage areas for this year: freezers and pantries. And, in terms of prolonging your food’s shelf life, freezers are the best.

According to kitchen renovation experts, everyone must plan for enhanced cabinetry solutions and overflowing kitchen organizers to accommodate your new tools and dry goods. Experts also suggest the use of freestanding furniture and rolling carts as space-savvy solutions.

  1. Two-Toned Kitchen

Why choose one when you can have two?  The two-toned kitchen style has been around for years, and this dynamic trend will always be here to stay. It adds diversity and can even help emphasize the strength of your kitchen.

It’s an amazing approach to change the whole perception of the room. Choose deep, dark units and contrast them with brighter tones elsewhere for an additional character. It also gives you the freedom to choose whatever colour you want based on whatever mood you want to bring to your kitchen.

  1. Speciality Ovens

As many homeowners spend more time cooking at home, investing in speciality ovens for greater functionality is one of the best options. With this, you can broil, bake, and microwave with just a single unit.

According to design experts, homeowners are becoming more aware of their wellness-oriented lifestyle. Since speciality ovens reduce the workload of cooking with just a single touch of a button, homeowners have more time to spend with their loved ones.

Summing It Up

While there are tons of kitchen renovation ideas out there, it’s best and most important to design your kitchen based on your personality, wants, and needs. Use the ideas mentioned above to fulfil and reach the dream kitchen you rightly deserve!

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