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Deck Designs

A deck is an underestimated luxury when it comes to home renovations. Many people don’t realize their versatility and design possibilities. You can use your deck to relax, host a party, grill, and dine outside. Choosing the design is probably the most exciting part of building your deck, second to when it’s finished.

When deciding on the type of deck for your yard, consider the vibe you want it to give. For example, do you want it to be a place of peace, entertainment, or both? Also, you need to consider the capabilities of your yard, such as size, terrain, and climate. As you read on to discover 7 outdoor deck designs, keep these things in mind before making your choice.

  1. Wraparound

A wraparound deck is popular because it’s more aesthetically pleasing than the ordinary porch. Plus, you can customize each section and move to other areas when the sun moves throughout the day. However, before choosing a wraparound design, you should check to see if all sides of the house are free from potential roadblocks, such as rocks and trees, as those may need removing beforehand.

  1. Multilevel

A multilevel deck is excellent for people with large yards. If your yard is sloped, it gives you more usability and space for hosting parties. Each level is often connected by steps or accessible through each house floor, depending on the chosen style. Multilevel decks are fantastic because you can use each section for a different purpose. For example, you could install a hot tub, a grill, and an outdoor dining section. Many people also opt for this choice because they can screen in part of their deck and leave the rest open.

  1. Attached

The most common type of deck is the attached deck. Its location is self-explanatory, as it’s attached to the house. It’s favorable among homeowners because it’s easily accessible, increases the square footage, and adds value to a home. Plus, an attached deck is an excellent alternative to a patio because it’s raised off the ground and looks nicer.

  1. Detached

Just like the attached decks, the location is in the name. Detached decks, often called island decks, are placed somewhere in the yard, away from home. Usually, a pathway is created from the house to the deck for easy access, especially in yards where the terrain isn’t well-suited for walking.

You may prefer a detached deck if you’re looking for a quiet place to relax outside, away from the noise of the house. Some plants, a small fountain, and a comfortable chair can turn a detached deck into a calming oasis.

  1. Roof Deck

A roof deck is often chosen for its sense of privacy. Homeowners in the city usually opt for this type of deck since there isn’t always enough yard space for another design. Roof decks are versatile in many of the same ways as a regular yard deck, but you may not be able to put in a pool or hot tub if the structure of your house isn’t supportive enough.

  1. Pool Deck

Pool decks are nice because they provide a place to relax and tan by the poolside, plus they’re not as hot as concrete during the summertime. They can also make an above-ground pool feel more in-ground if you surround it with the deck. Many people find this preferable because it makes the pool more accessible to those who have difficulty climbing a ladder. However, keep in mind when building a pool deck that natural wood will deteriorate faster, so it will require more maintenance to prevent splintering. Composite decks with cooling technology are recommended for this design.

  1. Building Your Deck

If you haven’t already, you’ll need to pick out decking materials. Many people opt for wood, as there are many breeds to choose from, and it looks more aesthetically pleasing. However, wood requires a lot of maintenance. On the other hand, plastic decks look nice and are easier to manage. And if you want the best qualities of both, composite is the way to go since it looks more like natural wood but is more durable.

Building a deck is a renovation you want to leave to the professionals for safety reasons, even if you think you can do so yourself. So instead, consider hiring deck builders in Collegeville, PA, to get the job done efficiently. Plus, when you hire deck builders, you have way more options in terms of customization.


When choosing design and decking material, you need to consider how much time and money you are willing to spend on maintenance. For example, all decks require semi-annual cleaning, but wooden decks will require repainting and sealing every few years. If you choose a larger deck design, you should consider a low-maintenance material, such as composite.

Adding a deck to your home is exciting, and choosing the design is fun. If you’re working with a professional, they’ll be able to help you decide which of these decks is best suited for your home based on the terrain and size of your yard. Make your choice carefully, though, as this addition will be a part of your home for decades.

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