7 Packing And Moving Tricks For Hassle-Free Shifting


Hassle Free Move

Shifting to a new home is exciting, but the packing and moving that comes before can easily give nightmares to anyone. It is a daunting task to pack all your household items, including pricey things, and shift them to your new abode in one piece without you having to run around in circles. However, shifting can be smooth and hassle-free with some planning and proper execution. Do you know some good ideas? No! Here, we have a few simple tricks that will help you enjoy a hassle-free and safe move in the same city or across the country.

  1. Declutter Your Items

Declutter Your Wardrobe

Take this opportunity to declutter your wardrobe, books, household items, etc. Do this for two reasons; one, the less you have to pack and move, the less you have to pay to your logistics company. Two, this can be a great chance to clear up your house as well as your mind. Start with your clothes. Look for the pieces that you have not worn even once in the last 365 days. You do not need it. Apply the same rule to every member of the family. You will be surprised to see how many items of clothing you wear and how much you have been hoarding. Once you sort the clothes, move on to books and papers. Then check for other things like toys, kitchen utensils, and furniture.

  1. Make A List Of Moving Tasks

Make A List Of Moving Tasks

Moving from one place to another involves taking care of several tasks. Like you will have to sell items that you are not taking with you. You will have to disconnect facilities like cable connection, gas connection, etc. If you have kids, you will have to visit the school and apply for the School Leaving Certificate. All these tasks are crucial, and you have to get them done before you leave. Make a checklist of the tasks in your bucket and plan days for each one of them. Use a calendar if possible, and mark it with the tasks and be specific about the time if you have an appointment.

  1. Use Original Boxes Of Electronic Items

Use Original Boxes Of Electronic Items

The best way to transport electronic items is to do that in their original carton boxes. These boxes are specially designed by the company to ensure that their products stay safe while shifting from their manufacturing units to shops and malls. Make it a point always to keep these boxes for future use. If you have discarded your boxes, you should ask an expert to pack your critical electronic products like TV, fridge, washing machine, etc.

  1. Label Every Box

Label Every Box

When the packing begins, stand with the movers and label each box as they seal it. Doing this will ensure that you can find everything you want quickly in your new abode. You do not want to open 20 boxes to find one pair of socks that your child suddenly needs. Be smart; ask the packers to pack the rooms one by one so that you can move with them and do not miss out on any boxes.

  1. Pack Your Precious Items Yourself

Pack Your Precious Items Yourself

Pack your precious items yourself or supervise your packing team. Expensive items like antique pieces, jewelry, or crystals are valuable and hold emotional value, and hence, you cannot afford to take their packing lightly. Wrap them in their original packing. If you don’t have that, wrap them properly in bubble wrap and provide support with Styrofoam or cardboard. Don’t know how to do all that? Find a packing company that has an excellent track record in packing precious and decorative items. Tell them very clearly which objects need extra care and, if possible, draw out a contract related to the packing and moving of precious objects.

  1. Prepare An Instant Bag

Prepare An Instant Bag

While everything gets packed and stored away in boxes, you should think about preparing an instant/overnight bag for yourself with all the essentials. Think about the basics that you will need until you are ready to open the boxes. For example, you will need a few pairs of clothes, basic toiletries, a first aid kit, essential gadgets, and a water bottle. Prepare this bag before the packing starts and set it aside. This bag is going to be your wardrobe for a few days till you reach your destination and set up your wardrobe.

  1. Pack Important Documents Separately

Pack Important Documents Separately

Pack a separate bag or case for essential documents that might be needed urgently in the coming weeks. Failing to file essential papers and keeping them handy can create many issues in packing and moving. Again, make a list of documents that you may need, like medical records, electricity bills, receipt papers, tax documents, loan papers, insurance papers, etc. For efficiency, keep the materials in both soft and hard copies.

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  1. Your heads up about preparing an instant bag for the moving day was definitely something I liked reading about. I can easily see us being stressed out to the point of forgetting basic necessities like drinking water or preparing first aid in case something goes wrong. In addition to hiring a local moving company to make things easier for us, I’ll definitely have a bag like this ready.



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