7 Reasons To Upgrade Your Electrical Panel


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Changing lifestyles have increased the desire of people to modify their ordinary houses into modern, advanced houses. To satisfy this need, they install smart electrical appliances at different corners of their homes.

But these things only act as a burden for your not-so-smart electrical panel. Being an old, inefficient electric panel, it starts facing multiple issues that expand further to cause serious damage to life and property. Hence, you must upgrade the electrical panel to ensure an effective electricity system at your house.

Keep reading this article to explore multiple reasons showcasing the urgent need to upgrade your electrical panel.

7 Top Reasons To Upgrade Your Electrical Panel

An electrical panel is a protective shield of the house that minimizes the risk of power surges. Hence, it is essential to understand the different reasons to upgrade an electrical panel so that you can avoid mishaps at your home.

  1. Eliminates The Dangers Associated With An Obsolete Electrical Panel

Experts suggest that an electrical panel must be replaced at least after 25 years of its installation. So, for calculating the life of your electrical panel, you need to determine the lifetime of your house. In case it has crossed the desired limit, you can think about replacing the panel.

You can also take the help of professionals to understand the prevailing condition of your electrical panel. They examine the electric wire system and see whether the panel is overloaded or not. If they suggest that there is an urgent need for replacement, you can again avail of their services for upgrading the panel.

Air Pro Heating, Air & Electric offers top-notch electrical services ranging from electrical installation to electrical maintenance and can help you in resolving this issue.

But in case you continue to use this old electrical panel for other several years, the risk of hazards can increase manifold. In such a scenario, you will notice the following changes in your house.

  •   Heating up of electrical cords
  •   Flickering lights
  •   Minor shocks while touching an appliance
  •   Increasing power usage leads to dim lights
  •   An odd burning smell
  •   Recurring circuit trips

These signs give a clear indication that the electrical panel has become outdated, and you need to take quick action either for its repair or replacement.

  1. Facilitates The High Usage Of Power Strips

People tend to deploy multiple power strips to charge their devices in the house. It gets tough for an old electrical panel to handle this increased load.

Houses possess a specific number of wall sockets so that the electrical panel can easily sustain the electricity demand. Typical panels can handle the demand of a maximum of 3 wall sockets. But using additional strips means that you are withdrawing more electric current from the panel than the restricted limit.

Thus, if it is essential for you to utilize multiple power strips and extension cords, you should upgrade your electrical panel so that it becomes capable of sustaining this rising need for electricity.

  1. Prevents Constant Tripping Of Circuit Breakers

Tripping of circuit breakers is one of the most common problems that occur with an obsolete electrical panel. You can face this issue each time you turn on a big appliance.

It happens because the circuit gets overloaded, and to prevent a fire outbreak in the house, it stops the supply of electricity to other appliances.

An old electric panel doesn’t have the potential to fulfill the electricity demand of multiple advanced electrical devices. So, you may suffer frequent blackouts, leading to disruptions in distinct activities.

Hence, frequent tripping circuits are another significant reason to upgrade your electrical panel.

  1. Helps Deal With Rising Power Surges

Regular power surges signify a major problem prevailing in your old electrical panel. Although power surges last for less than a second, they can cause severe damage to your electronic devices. So, it is suggested to use a power strip to avoid power surges and protect your electrical appliances.

However, it is better to treat this problem from its place of occurrence. And for doing so, you can replace the existing panel with an advanced 200 amp panel. You can reach out to any experienced technician to get proper guidance on this matter. They can help you upgrade the electrical panel of your home to prevent power surges.

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  1. Does Away With The Issues Of An Inappropriate Wiring System

One of the biggest reasons for the breakout of fire in homes is inappropriate wiring. When the system gets old or becomes ineffective, it begins to interrupt the working of the electrical panel. You can notice this issue from indications, like a brief shock while touching an appliance, a burning odor, and flickering lights.

So, using a modern-day electrical panel and making specific changes in the wiring can resolve this problem. An advanced panel is explicitly designed to maintain a stable and continuous electricity flow.

  1. Helps Gain Safety And Saving Benefits

Manufacturers keep introducing upgraded electrical panels offering safety features. They follow the established standards and deliver satisfactory results from day one. However, to choose the best electrical panel having proper safety facilities, you may have to take the guidance of an experienced electrician.

Besides, insurance is another good reason to upgrade your electrical panel. Insurance companies provide relaxation to customers who fix a new electrical panel in their houses, thereby reducing the monthly premium of the house insurance to be paid. So, you must contact your insurer to know about the insurance provisions related to the panel.

Furthermore, local electricity companies furnish rebates to the users who pay special attention to their electricity issues.

Therefore, an increase in savings is an advantage you can obtain from the replacement of an old, damaged electrical panel.

  1. Maintains Proper Electricity Supply

An older electricity panel becomes incapable of supplying the required amount of electricity to each device.

Appliances such as air conditioners, dishwashers, water heaters, etc., need 240V energy to function properly. But a traditional electrical panel can’t supply the needed power to each of the devices, restricting the safety of the house.

Hence, upgrading your electrical panel is necessary to ensure a smooth power supply at your home.


An electrical panel acts as a primary hub for supplying power to your electronic devices. Hence, it becomes crucial for you to maintain your proper health and look for a replacement when it becomes outdated.

Besides, there are many other reasons to upgrade it, and you must consider them to prevent regular disruptions in the power supply.

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