7 Reasons Why A Custom Bar Sign Can Transform Your Home Bar


Home Bar Sign

Over the course of the pandemic, the home bar grew in popularity massively. With everyone missing the pub, the booze, and the atmosphere, it prompted a lot of homeowners into creating their own private haven and building their own home bar in sheds, garages, and spare rooms. Some even went further than simply converting their garage. Instead, they used the money they saved from the pub and built extensions onto their homes for the sake of the home pub experience.

Home pubs meant that people could enjoy the pub experience in their own home while we weren’t able to have the authentic pub feel. While sales in pubs were low, sales for bar equipment, bar snacks, etc., rocketed as people were purchasing everything. They needed to stock out their own private home pub and avoid the queues at their local.

With the sales of bar equipment going up, so did the growth of bar memorabilia and other things to make your bar truly your own. Perhaps the most common thing was the bar sign which led to an increase in the purchases of home bar signs.

Pub signs have a rich history in the UK and were used so that all classes of people knew where to access their local pub. For this reason and many others, home bar signs are a fantastic way to personalise and transform your home bar into something impressive.

A home bar is something all your friends will likely be jealous of. Everyone wants access to their own pub in the garden, but what is most interesting about them is that you can decide all the décor, features, and the stock.

A home bar with a theme or style can really set itself apart from the ones without. Include a themed home bar sign to match the vibe, and you’re set. Below we’ve listed all the reasons why a custom bar sign can transform your home bar.

  1. A custom home bar sign can really help with the décor of your home pub. There are so many ways to hang the sign that can add character to your bar. For example, does the name stick on the door? Or are you choosing to hang it behind the bar for all to see proudly? Alternatively, you could hang the sign of the entrance like a quaint tavern.
  2. A home bar sign can be a great gift for a loved one. If they are in the process of building or have already built their home bar, a home bar sign can make a huge difference. Not only is it a great gift, but it also will make the bar feel more homely and personal. Perhaps the sign is of their last name or an inside joke that will truly christen the home bar.
  3.  A custom home bar sign is a great conversation piece and will have your guests asking how it came about, who thought of it, why you named it that, etc.
  4. The sign may be in memory of someone adding a personal and sentimental touch to your bar.
  5. If you’ve gone for a theme, the home bar sign can complete the whole thing.
  6.  A home bar sign is what makes a room a home pub, really. Anyone can have some booze in their shed, but for it to really appeal as a home bar, it needs a name, and that name needs to be printed on its own bar sign. Go big or go home.
  7.  It’s a chance to be inventive and has the pub of your dreams. If you’re going to have your own home bar, it’s only right that it looks and sounds the part too!
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