7 Reasons Why Acid-Stained Floors Are So Popular For Homes


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Of all the popular flooring styles currently making their rounds online and in home decor magazines, acid-stained floors might just be the most unique and interesting trend. Acid-stained floors have a distinct look and it is said that no two acid-stained floors will look the same because it is directed by a chemical reaction. But aside from this uniqueness, why are acid-stained concrete floors so popular for homes?

To understand this trend that works for all kinds of floors – from Texan to San Diego floors – we rounded up the 7 common reasons why people have turned to acid staining for their flooring solutions. And perhaps this may even convince you to try the trend out for yourself!

  1. Concrete Is Extremely Durable

A big benefit of getting acid-stained concrete floors? The concrete itself. Concrete floors are a popular flooring material because of the resilience they offer to homes. Compared to other popular flooring materials, it is doubtless that concrete will always come on top when it comes to resistance to wear, weight, and stains. So when you’re considering acid-stained floors, you can also consider the base of those floors and how it will improve your home’s overall durability and longevity.

  1. Easy To Maintain Floors

When concrete floors are stained with acid stains, they are also sealed on top to ensure that the stain remains impeccable. This sealer that fills in the pores of the concrete means that acid-stained concrete floors are incredibly easy to clean and maintain. Cleaning a sealed concrete floor will only need, at most, a good sweep or a wet mop to go over it and that can pretty much remove any dirt. And when it comes to maintaining the state of your floors, you will never have to re-stain but you may want to re-seal once in a while.

  1. Acid-Stained Floors Are Beautiful

When acid stains are applied to concrete, they react to the chemicals in the concrete in a particular way that results in color blooming on the surface of the floors. But that color will often be semi-translucent and marble-like in its effect. And because each concrete floor is different, you cannot predict what the design the stain will end up forming on top, a beautiful thing for someone who wants truly special floors. So if you decide to have your concrete floors acid-stained, you will have to be prepared to expect the unexpected.

  1. Promotes Better Indoor Quality

Because acid-stained floors are sealed, nothing can stick to these floors. That means that for dust, dirt, allergens, and pathogens, it is virtually impossible for them to remain on acid-stained floors. Dust mites, pollen, and even pet hair are very easily cleaned from floors and are thus less likely to harm anyone in the home. That makes for a healthier home. And because the acid-stains are safe to use in installations, you also don’t have to worry about the acid harming your body.

  1. Can Be Applied Almost Anywhere

Acid-stained floors may seem like a luxurious choice to make for flooring, but they are actually quite versatile when it comes to where they can be applied. Aside from residential property applications, you can also find them in commercial properties where they can make a big hit in showrooms and retail stores. In the home, acid-stained floors go well in living rooms, but they can also make a beautiful statement in hallways, dining rooms, and even bedrooms if you are adventurous enough. Anywhere you may think of where an acid-stained floor may go, we are sure you will be able to find concrete contractors happy to help install them on San Diego floors or wherever else.

  1. Affordable and Cost-Effective

Considering all the benefits you get when you have acid-stained floors installed, it may be surprising for you to find out that acid-stained floors actually come at a very cost-effective price. Because concrete floors and the process of acid staining both have relatively simple installation processes, the costs of both are far lower than what other flooring materials require.

  1. Variety Of Color Options

Most concrete contractors will have an available portfolio of color options for you to choose from when you first have a consultation. Acid stains come in a variety of dark rich colors like red, brown, terra cotta, and even black. This can help you find something even more special for your floors.

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