7 Reasons Why You Should Use Compostable Packaging


Have you ever heard of a compostable packaging? What is it? Every environmentally-conscious person should be aware of this kind of packaging. Read on to learn how this packaging benefits the environment, the consumer and the business.

What Is A Compostable Packaging?

Compostable Packaging
Compostable packaging is a packaging made from plant-based recycled materials. If it is disposed of the right way, this packaging can break down and return to the earth as a soil. In its decomposed form, this packaging can be used as a fertilizer.

How long this packaging will take to break down will depend on the process used and the conditions it’s exposed to. When taken to a commercial composting facility or when buried in a home compost pile, it can take a short time compared to when it’s left on a bare surface.

Benefits Of Compostable Packaging To The Environment

The environment benefits with significant advantages when you choose to go for compostable packaging. The benefits include:

Requires Less Carbon To Produce

This type of packaging doesn’t need a lot of carbon in its production. It minimizes the number of toxic gases released to the environment. The output of these packaging is also efficient regarding resources required.

It means you are not only keeping the environment safe by reducing the release of toxins during production, but you are also not stressing it by extracting a lot of resources for the manufacturing of these packaging.

Reduced Landfill Waste

This packaging will break down when disposed of properly. It means there will be no vast amounts of landfill waste. These landfills sometimes form an excellent breeding ground for organisms that cause diseases such as mosquitoes.

However, through this compostable packaging, there won’t be such an occurrence. When you use this packaging, you will be hitting two birds with the same stone – keeping the environment green, while at the same time protecting people from attack by diseases causing organisms.

No Harmful Chemicals During Decomposition

Eco friendly paper bag package for food isolated vector illustration

The best thing with the decay of this packing is that it doesn’t release any toxic chemicals into the soil. Instead, it forms fertilizers that can be used to enrich the soils. There will be no destruction of soil structure by killing the micro-organism that facilitates this.

Unlike the cases with regular packaging, you will not pose any risk to the water close to any composting facility for compostable packaging. There won’t be any chemicals that will seep through the soil to affect the water. However, this doesn’t mean they should be dumped inside water sources or in extreme proximity.

Benefits Of Compostable Packaging To The Customer

The adoption of biodegradable packaging is gaining popularity to meet customer demands. Customers enjoy the following benefits through this packaging:


Compostable packaging offers more versatility than conventional packaging. After removing the contents of the compostable packaging, consumers can use them for other purposes. For instance, the packaging can be used to go for groceries.

It won’t be the case when you use non-degradable packaging. Once the customer opens the packaging, they will discard it to the bins where it starts to cause trouble for the environment.

Easy To Dispose

Disposing of compostable packaging isn’t a problem. If your consumers have compost facilities, they can turn the packaging into fertilizers for their plants. They can also bury them without the worry that they will release any toxic substance that may end in the water sources or affecting the soil negatively.

After a few months, the packaging will have broken down to form fertilizer rich in nutrients. They can use it to grow garden vegetables. This fertilizer is excellent for neutralizing acidity in a garden that has been exposed to artificial fertilizers for a prolonged time.

So, when the consumers are buying products packaged using compostable packaging they are indirectly buying fertilizers. The packaging starts with the soil and goes back to the land without causing any damage.


Since the compostable packaging can be reused, it means your customers will not have to buy packaging every other time they go shopping. These packagings are strong enough to be reused several times without wearing out. Over time they will have saved a considerable amount which they can use to develop other sectors of their lives.

The Benefit Of Compostable Packaging To Your Business

As a business owner, adopting this type of packaging provides you with the following benefit:

Boost The Image Of Your Business

Almost everybody is putting effort to conserve the environment. When you use eco-friendly packaging on your products, it shows you care about your environment. Customers will see that as a sign that you are offering quality products. That will boost the image of your business.

Besides, you will attract the attention of environmentally-conscious who also want to keep the environment green. Such consumers will, in turn, refer more customers to your business since they want to support a person who has the objective as they do – making the earth greener.

You will, therefore, enjoy a broad customer base. It means more sales, increased profits hence fast business growth. All this is courtesy of a simple initiative of using compostable packaging.

Other Products Similar To Compostable Packaging

Other products made out of materials recycled from plant-based materials include:

  • Compostable cups
  • Compostable plates
  • Compostable food packaging
  • Compostable cutlery
  • Vegware coffee cups

The above products are right for use in functions like a wedding where after usage they are just buried without the worry of causing any damage to the environment. They are also convenient because the occasion planners won’t have to worry about cleaning them after usage.


Authority institutions and other environmentally-conscious persons are putting all the efforts to ensure the earth remains green. You should also not be left behind in this noble course. Based on the above reasons why you should use compostable packaging, you can see it’s a win-win situation for the environment, consumer, and your business.

Make the world a better place to live while making gains out of it by making simple efforts like using compostable packaging. The above benefits give you all the persuasion you need to use this packaging.

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