7 Reasons Why You Should Use Corner Guard in Your Home or Office


Corner Guard

What Is Cornet Guard And Why Do We Need To Use It?

Being an architect, you may choose many details to make your building safe and cost-efficient; one relatively small detail that you should not overlook is the protection of your wall corners. Corner guards are effective when it comes to protecting walls, equipment, and furniture from damage. You can easily avoid costly and time-consuming renovation projects by applying Boss Steel Corner Guards to your home or Office.

Purpose of Using Corner Guards in Building Construction

You are more likely to bump into corners while wheeling, dragging or carrying something bulky machinery or furniture, especially if the load is obstructing your vision. While you might at first see unsightly streaks on the corners of your walls, these streaks become scratches, dents, or missing pieces over time. Corner guards help to prevent the occurrence of this wear and tear. Regardless of material, well-made corner guards should not break or discolor to ensure they provide continual protection despite alterations to the room. To accomplish this task use corner guards made of stainless steel which is scratch-proof and crack-proof. Apart from giving a finished look to any environment, the use of corner guards saves you a lot of time and money on damage and repairs.

Types of Corner Guards

Depending on the required application, many companies offer stainless steel, metal corner protectors or aluminum corner guards. Corner guards are more common in industrial environments and come in a variety and colors; including white, black, and silver. On the other hand, stainless steel guards offer a more modern appearance, which makes them look ideal for use in kitchens, laboratories, and medical facilities.

  • Stainless Steel Corner Guards
  • Metal Corner Guards
  • Lexan Polycarbonate Corner Guards
  • Vinyl Surface Mount Corner Guards
  • Rubber Corner Guards
  • Commercial, Industrial and Heavy Duty Corner Guards

These are the most commonly used guards for the walls. We have run through the benefits and uses of these products; now we should know the reasons behind people uses corner guards for their home and offices.

  1. Protect Drywall Corners from Damage

Protecting walls from the damage is the primary reason to use it. Corners are often the most damaged part of your home because of their location makes it easy for items being carried or pushed to be caught on them. The result is dents, gouges, and torn drywall paper.

Using a guard reinforces the corner and provides an additional barrier that helps protect your finish and will keep your edges looking great for years to come. The good news is that they can be purchased to match any decor and some models may also be painted to blend in.

  1. Prevent Wallpaper from Peeling Up

The wallpapers might peel at the corners over time. It happens mainly in the kitchen and bathroom where moisture eats away at the adhesive. If you plan to add wallpaper during renovations, consider adding a guard to every wallpapered corner to keep the wallpaper looking great for much longer.

A high-quality wall guard will keep the wallpaper in place and help your wall the last longer also will save your money on repairs.

  1. Prevent Injury

Corners are a common area where the chances of injuries are more. Rubber corner guards are an excellent solution to this problem and are very durable.

Toddlers and young babies are especially prone to injury within corners. When they run and play, they like to hide behind the edges; they do not pay attention. A rubber guard on corners will minimize injuries and keep the child safe.

  1. Add Architectural Interest

If you feel a room needs a little improvement, a decorative guard is a great way to protect and enhance a room. Wooden guards can add architectural elements, similar to crown moldings. Stainless steel and aluminum guard can cut into intricate designs or have textured patterns that add look to your home.

  1. Save Your Money

Unprotected walls and corners are often overlooked which demands the home renovation project. But having a guard in your home will help you to protect your space, and you won’t need to spend thousands of bucks on home remodeling projects. You don’t need to wasted time and money in purchasing heavy equipment.

  1. Beautify A Space

Nowadays these guards are available in many designs, colors, and styles. Beautifully designed guards will add a modern touch to your walls and fixtures. It will not incur costly and unsightly damage while enhancing its appearance.

  1. Provide You Piece of Mind

When you have a safe and beautiful home, you will feel the relaxation of not having unnecessary expense every year which will lead peace of mind.

Final Words:

Keep your family safe, keep your walls safe and save your money; only you have to plan thoroughly research a bit and choose the perfect corner guards for your walls which suits with your home interior, isn’t it a great way to prepare well in advance.

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