7 Reasons Why You Should Use Molds In Your Interior Design Company


Why You Should Use Molds In Your Interior Design

When it comes to running an interior design company, you must have the right equipment. Remember that for every project you take up, your clients will have a specific design that they will want you to achieve or replicate.

However, not all furniture or home appliance stores have these in stock. So you will need to find alternative ways to achieve these designs. One way to achieve this is by investing in injection molding technology. What is injection molding technology? It is a manufacturing method that enables you to build components from plastic pellets and other materials.

The main precepts of injection molding is that the materials are melted into a malleable form, and they are injected into the cavities of the mold. The question, though, is whether or not molds are worth investing in. Here are seven reasons why you should use molding technology in your interior design company.

  1. Custom Furniture

As an interior designer, you are expected to make quality pieces of furniture that will match your client’s demands. However, not all stores are capable of fulfilling all your design needs.

Some stores have very generic styles that won’t match your client’s specifications. This is where mold technology comes in very handy. By using molds, you could build an entire sofa and table sets out of scratch.

All you need are master molds and the necessary crafting materials, and you could create furniture that will fit all your interior designing needs.

If you are interested in purchasing molds, you should contact Immould. It is a mold maker in China that specializes in creating molds for not only plastic but other materials as well. The company has over 40 years of experience and has helped a myriad of industries to create quality products.

  1. Customize Sculptures For Your Projects

Customize Sculptures For Your Projects

Aside from customizing your furniture, you could also create accents that will compliment your designs. For example, your client wants you to add a cast-iron sculpture for his or her garden.

If you don’t have a sculptor’s services, this might become a predicament for your company. However, if you use molding technology, you will still be able to create the sculpture and follow all of your client’s specifications.

  1. Create Designs According To Your Client’s Specifications

One of the trickiest parts of being an interior designer is that you have to match your client’s specifications. Some clients are notoriously demanding, and they could notice any deviation from their instructions. If you try to build your design out of scratch, you might have trouble getting all the measurements right.

By using molding technology, you will be able to meet their specifications and more. Injection molding technology uses pellets of plastic and other materials. The pellets are melted and are injected into the molds. Once all the cavities are filled up, and the materials have cooled down, then you have a perfect end product.

Apart from the great design customization options, injection molding technology also allows you to add various color schemes to your designs.

  1. Have A Steady Supply Of Your Designs

Besides following your client’s specific design, you could also mass produce your designs, and keep them in stock for future projects. By doing so, you will have a steady supply of your designs and use them in various other projects.

  1. You Get To Choose The Materials You Use

One of the best things about using molds to create your furniture and decorations is to choose the type of materials you use. If you don’t have this option, you will have to buy from furniture shops or specialist furniture makers.

They are usually overpriced, and there is a chance that they are using subpar materials, and you won’t even know it. By using molds, you will be able to choose what type of materials you use. This will allow you to ensure that all your products are made of the best materials possible.

Apart from choosing the best types of materials for your designs, you could also opt to build with eco-friendly materials such as recycled plastics. By using molding technology, you are given so much more options on how to manufacture your designs.

  1. Fast Production Rate

Aside from choosing the materials you use, molding technology is known for its quick production rate. So if your client requires a specific piece of furniture or design, you could have the components in record time. Once you have the components, it is easy to assemble your design quickly.

Aside from the fast production rate, it also has a lower cost because you could create your components, and you won’t have to

  1. You Could Create Your Line Of Home Decor

Create Your Line Of Home Decor

Once an interior designer reaches a certain level of fame, it is not uncommon for them to release their home decor line. By having molds at the ready, you are now equipped with the right equipment to take the next step.

You could mass-produce your line of home decor and further enhance your earning potential. If you are going to start a home decor business, it is essential that your designs are truly unique. It should be so personalized that even if a potential buyer sees your products, they will instantly recognize your design.


One of the key challenges to having your very own interior design company is that your clients could be very specific about their designs.

One way to fulfill these demands is to invest in molds for easy manufacturing of various designs. However, the main question stands, are they worth it? For these reasons, you’ll know why molds are a very good investment.

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