7 Romantic Venues To Consider For A Summer Wedding


Ella Fitzgerald sings that summertime is the season when “the livin’ is easy,” but finding a perfect romantic venue for a summer wedding can be quite challenging. Couples will need to consider rising temperatures, the possibility of inclement weather, and accessibility issues when choosing a venue for a summer wedding. If you’re planning to get married in the summer months, HoneyWed Byron Bay can connect you with the perfect historical for the ceremony you’ve been dreaming of planning for an outdoor ceremony tentatively. Having an expert to plan your wedding makes everything much more comfortable. Search for wedding planners Berkshire-based. You will find many great advisors that will select the best catering and find the perfect venue for your event. You will find their services the most suitable option for your needs. Here are seven romantic venues to consider for a timeless, memorable summer wedding.

  1. Beachfront Bliss

Beach Wedding Decoration Ideas

The summer sun goes hand in hand with an ocean view, and beachfront weddings are fun romantic affairs. A simple canopy with rows of chairs and minimal decor is needed to transform a picturesque beach into a wedding venue. Private beaches are advisable when planning a wedding, as many public beaches have rules against large events like weddings. A private beach also offers seclusion so that you won’t encounter beach stragglers drifting into your carefully planned ceremony. The weather near the coasts can be unpredictable, so it’s always a good idea to have an alternative venue planned; although, getting caught in a summer rainstorm on the seashore can be romantic in and of itself.

  1. Charming Chapel

Charming Chapel

Chapels are the quintessential venue for weddings, and a summer wedding in a time-weathered church is an experience straight out of a Victorian romance novel. Find a chapel with polished wood surfaces and glowing stained glass windows, reflecting the setting sun and filling the interior of the space with warm, natural light. Unfortunately, many older chapels are not equipped with modern air conditioning units, so be sure to provide guests with fans if the summer temperatures are expected to be high.

  1. Barnyard Bash

Barn Wedding Venue

If you’re looking for something that combines romance with quaint, country charm, a farm location with a barn is a perfect choice for a summer wedding. Barns are large and airy, and they can be filled with chairs and simple wedding decor for a unique, starlit experience. Be sure to find a farm location that is easily accessible so that guests are not forced to hike through mud or over rough terrain to get to your venue. Many farms that operate as wedding venues have gravel paths that lead to the barn, and they may even come pre-equipped with decorations like strings of light bulbs or bolts of Tulle fabric: wrap the twinkling bulbs in the light, airy mesh, and hang this from the rafters to create a soft glow inside the barn. The shabby chic effect will charm your guests and correctly reflect the romance of the occasion.

  1. Glamorous Gardens

Glamorous Garden Wedding

City botanical gardens often seem like they were created specifically with weddings in mind. There is something intrinsically romantic about a garden. The scent of summer blooms will lie heavy in the twilight air, and fireflies will join twinkling strands of light as you and your beloved exchange vows. If you select a garden location for your wedding, be sure to ask about alternatives in the event of inclement weather. Some garden locations will have access to easily erected tents that can shelter your guests from the elements. It may also be advisable to offer guests amenities like insect spray or sunscreen to ensure that everyone is comfortable during your ceremony and reception.

  1. Vibrant Vineyard

Vineyard Wedding Venues

A summer wedding hosted in a beautiful, sprawling vineyard is a perfect place to toast to a life of wedded bliss. Vineyards hold a sense of mystery and romance by themselves, and imagining a vineyard decorated in strings of charming lights and peppered with gorgeous flowers will put anyone in a romantic mood. But, of course, the refreshment is all but taken care of when you choose a vineyard as your wedding venue. Treat guests to a selection of wine that has been grown, pressed, and bottled right at the location. Some vineyards will even create a special vintage dedicated to your pending nuptials, with the option to have custom labels printed. Guests can go home with a unique memento of your wedding, and you will have offered a truly unforgettable experience.

  1. Magical Mansion

Magical Mansion

Many cities offer historic mansions that make for perfect wedding venues. During the summer months, the grounds of these mansions are opened for exploration, and guests can stroll through lovely gardens and around lakeside pathways. Unfortunately, summer weddings always carry the threat of rain, and this is a source of stress that vanishes with mansion venues. Most historic home wedding venues allow the couple to plan for an outdoor ceremony tentatively. Still, if inclement weather should arise, the ceremony can be quickly transitioned to indoors, where the mansion’s historical decor and beautiful architecture add to the romance.

  1. Alluring Attractions

Alluring Attractions

No matter what city you choose for your upcoming nuptials, it’s highly likely that a unique and exciting tourist attraction would make a perfect spot for a wedding. Museums, art galleries, monument sites, and historical locations can often be rented as wedding venues, and the history and austerity of these sites add glamour and romance to a wedding. Not only will your wedding ceremony be framed in a beautiful location, but guests are treated to a one-of-a-kind experience. Museum and art gallery weddings allow guests to browse historical and beautiful works of art before and after the ceremony. These types of venues offer countless locations for high-quality photography that is both memorable and aesthetically pleasing. In cities with famous monuments or historic locations, the venue’s architecture becomes the central feature, and guests get to experience a piece of history and culture when they attend your wedding.

The summer months are well-suited to wedding ceremonies. Finding a romantic venue that complements the summer weather will help you create a memorable experience for guests as they celebrate your wedded future.

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