7 Rules To Keep Your Bedroom Cleaner And Neater Than Ever!


7 Rules To Keep Your Bedroom Cleaner And Neater Than Ever

Why does maintaining a clean and tidy bedroom feel like ‘the impossible’? Getting it dirty and messy is probably the easiest thing to do! Of course, we all have “reasons” to justify the mysterious condition that our rooms are left in; from lack of time to lack storage space; we’ve used them all! Unfortunately, the truth is that these reasons are just excuses for the lack of effort we put into keeping things clean and neat!

Now that the truth has been brought to your attention, it’s only fair that we share some sure-fire ways to achieve “the impossible”! So, let’s get right to it then! Here are seven simple rules to follow that will keep your bedroom cleaner and neater than ever before!

  1. Don’t Let Clutter Run the Show

One of the most significant contributors to a messy bedroom is clutter! It comes in various forms and can be found in almost every part of your room. From dirty table tops and closets to crammed drawers and coat racks; clutter is everywhere! Hence, a clean and neat bedroom begins with decluttering your entire room and being ruthless about it! Don’t let sentiment get the better of you; be practical and logical when attempting to get rid of things you no longer need or use.

  1. Have A Space For Everything

To maintain a tidy bedroom space, you need to have a space for everything. This includes chargers, accessories, shoes, bags and other items. If you feel like you’re short on storage space, that’s where decluttering will be of great help! As you begin getting rid of things and freeing up room in your closet, dresser and other storage units, you will be able to find a designated space for all your possessions!

  1. Don’t Leave Clothes Lying Around

No matter how hard you try, clothes seem to appear out of nowhere magically! The reality, however, is that a lot of us pull out clothes when getting dressed and leave them lying around. Similarly, coming home and adding the jacket you were wearing to the pile is habitual. For this reason, it’s essential to develop a new habit that involves never allowing clothes to lie around! Here are some examples:

  • Don’t pull out clothes hastily
  • Fold and store clean laundry as soon as it’s washed and dried
  • Hang up your jacket as soon as you get home
  • Put dirty clothes in the hamper immediately
  • Do routine checks to ensure that no clothes are left out of place
  1. Clean Daily (It’s Easier Than You Think!)

You might have legitimate reasons for not cleaning up your room regularly; however, where there’s a will, there’s a way!

Moreover, daily cleaning doesn’t necessarily mean cleaning your entire room from top to bottom; it’s a matter of discipline that encourages you to do at least one cleaning task per day. For example, dust furniture on one day, vacuum on another; and so on! In this manner, you will be maintaining cleanliness without it feeling like such a burden or strenuous task!

  1. Make Your Bed First Thing In The Morning

If you can get into the habit of making your bed every morning, you can certainly stick to every other rule on this list! How you begin your day impacts the way you go about the remainder of it (your day, i.e.). When you start on the right foot, you feel more motivated to keep it that way. Besides, making your bed takes no more than a minute of your time!

  1. Keep Things That Don’t Belong In Your Room Out

We often bring stuff into our bedroom from another part of the house and leave it there. This is a no-no because it contributes to the clutter and mess that you’re trying to get rid of! Whether it’s a plate of food; a pair of scissors; or borrowed sunglasses; whatever you bring into your room, make sure that it is not left sitting on your dresser at the end of the day!

  1. Put Things Back In Place

It’s the easiest thing to do, yet we make it look so hard! Regardless, the fact remains the same; you can’t keep your room clean and tidy if you don’t put things back in their respective places. Look around your bedroom and notice just how many of your belongings are scattered about; this will give you an idea of how neat your room would be if they were all put away. So, with that motivation to fuel you, adopt a ‘pull out, put back’ policy that will keep things where they belong. This also makes it easier to find specific items while allowing you to clean more freely and faster!

So, now that you know how accessible it is to conquer “the impossible,” go on and make your bedroom cleaner and neater than ever with these seven simple rules!

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