7 Signs You Need to Hire Local AC Repair In Surprise, Arizona


Hire Local AC Repair

Do your AC blow warm air in the middle of summer? Does it cycle frequently? Homeowners in Surprise, Arizona, should know how to read the warning signs sent by air conditioners.

These warning signs come in the form of high humidity, tripped breakers, unpleasant smells, weird sounds, water and refrigerant leaks, etc. Unless these issues are addressed immediately, they increase the risk of causing severe damage to other unit parts.

There is a wide range of air conditioning repair Surprise AZ companies that you can trust with your family’s comfort.

Have a look at the most common warning signs to keep an eye on.

Blowing Warm Air

An unmistakable sign you need to hire local AC repair is feeling warm air coming out of the vents. In such a scenario, homeowners are advised to inspect the thermostat to see if it’s set to cooling mode. Make sure to set it at a lower temperature and see whether the vents keep on blowing warm air.

If the air coming out of the vents is warm, it might be a sign of a defective compressor or limited airflow. You should waste no time hiring local AC repair technicians to inspect every system component, along with the ducts and thermostat. Unless this problem is taken care of timely, it could result in a more severe issue.

High Humidity

Another telltale sign that Surprise residents should hire local AC repair is the high level of humidity inside their homes. While outdoor humidity is common in spring and summer, it doesn’t mean you should be experiencing high humidity levels indoors. The ideal humidity levels inside the house should be between thirty and fifty percent. If they get higher, your home is likely to feel stuffy and trigger the growth of mold.

Unless your cooling system is capable of keeping humidity levels optimal, you’ll need to hire AC repair. Professional technicians will diagnose the problem and inform you whether your AC unit requires a simple calibration or you should consider investing in a large dehumidifier for the entire house. Just like high humidity, low humidity levels might cause problems as well, such as sinus and eye irritation. Check out nine symptoms of a sinus infection.

Frequent Cycling

Another obvious sign you need to hire AC repair in Surprise, Arizona, is frequent cycling. When the weather in Arizona becomes boiling hot, your AC is expected to turn on more frequently than usual. Nevertheless, it still shouldn’t cycle constantly, even on the most scorching days.

If you happen to notice more frequent cycling than usual, even on days when the weather isn’t too hot, it’s high time you contacted professional AC repairers. Sometimes, a quick tune-up of the unit might resolve frequent cycling. Anyhow, it might be a sign that you need a brand new air conditioner.

Unpleasant Odors

Unpleasant smells in your home might originate from the HVAC system, particularly if your air conditioner hasn’t had proper cleaning in a while. When moisture accumulates in the coils of your air-conditioning unit, it usually triggers the growth of mold and mildew. Such a build-up not only smells bad but is also harmful to your family’s health as well.

If your home smells weird, you should schedule a diagnostic visit to check whether your unit requires a cleaning session or a more advanced solution. For instance, ultraviolet lamps are capable of eliminating consistent microbial growth in AC units, while duct cleaning addresses mold and mildew issues that have accumulated inside the ductwork.

Water Or Refrigerant Leaks

Another sign you shouldn’t ignore and contact AC professionals immediately is the development of water or refrigerant leaks. If you notice any moisture leaking either inside or around the unit, it might indicate a refrigerant leak. Since Freon is poisonous, homeowners should get in touch with a professional immediately.

Nevertheless, moisture might result from a water leak caused by a blocked or broken tube in charge of condensation disposal. Such an issue might manifest in several ways, most commonly through water leaking out of the system. Apart from seeing a pool of water, water leaks might also manifest with ice development inside the unit on the copper refrigerant lines.

Whenever you notice signs of pooled water or ice, it’s time to contact local technicians. Neither water nor refrigerant is supposed to accumulate or leak into your house. Unless treated timely, leaks may cause damage to your home or result in severe structural issues.

Weird Noises

Although the largest part of air conditioners makes low-level noise when they start-up and shut down, loud or unusual sounds may be an indicator of severe issues with your cooling system. For instance, buzzing and rattling noises might indicate a loose part, whereas a persistent hissing or whistling sound might point to a refrigerant leak or a high air compressor pressure.

On the other hand, a metallic grinding noise is usually caused by compressor problems or loose belts. When the belt is loose, it tends to rub against the other components inside the cabinet. Professional AC technicians are trained in recognizing different sounds and locating the source of the issue. The sooner a problem is resolved, the less likely the damage to other parts.

Tripped Breakers

Another common sign of AC malfunction is tripped breakers. If you keep on resetting the AC breaker when the unit is in operation, you might be facing an electrical issue. Electrical issues not only have a bad influence on the operation of your air conditioner but might also become a fire hazard, particularly if you sense a burning smell.

Consequently, tripped breakers should be prioritized on your emergency repair service list. The electrical issue should never be handled by amateurs but by a professional who has expertise in working with electrical components.

Final Word

If you happen to notice any of these signs, call the professionals right away!

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