7 Simple Decorating Ideas To Transform Your Indoor & Outdoor Space


Whether you are just moving in or looking for a quick and easy home pick-me-up, there are several simple decorating ideas you can do with minimal cost and effort. Sometimes the smallest details make the most significant impact like adding a mirror, a painting, a few plants or even adding a new shade of color or new piece of furniture to your space. So whether you are wanting to increase the functionality indoors, or make the most out of your outdoor living space, here are a few clever ways to maximize utility in style.

  1. Movable Bar Cart

Movable Bar Cart

Bar carts aren’t just for entertaining. They also serve as beautiful accent pieces and add character to your home. Having a bar cart on wheels can serve multiple purposes and be used both indoors and outdoors. Rolling bar carts allow you to mingle with friends and family while serving drinks or appetizers. They offer such a classic style with convenience. Let your imagination run wild by choosing the perfect size and style for your home. Here are a few smart ways you can use a bar cart in your home:

  • In the kitchen or dining room as a coffee cart.
  • Wheel it into the bedroom for serving brunch.
  • Use it in the kitchen for storing dishes.
  • Use in your office to house your printer and office supplies.
  • Create a dazzling beauty or nail cart in your bathroom.
  • Use to store arts and crafts supplies in any room.
  • Use as a seasonal display of plants or festive decor.
  • Create an outdoor potting station.
  • Use outside to store pool towels and summer drinks
  • Hold festive party supplies at an in-home event
  • Turn it into a dessert display or food buffet
  • Fill it with baby supplies for a nursery
  • Turn it into a movie night popcorn and candy station
  1. Window Seating

Window Seating

Sitting by the window creates a sense of warmth and is a great way to utilize space that’s surrounded by natural light and an outdoor view. There are so many possibilities when adding window seating to your home. You can add a bench, a group of chairs or a storage nook with shelving and a cushion. Create a relaxation zone that the whole family can enjoy that will also give your space a pleasant, cozy vibe. Other than a great place to relax, you can utilize your window seating for various purposes like storage for toys, shelving for books, drawers for blankets, a lift-top for outdoor games, etc. Here are a few ways to get creative with window seating: 

Combine Window Seats with a Table

Place your window seating next to a table. This idea turns your seating into a cozy nook while giving your eating area a beautiful view as you eat, work or enjoy a good book.

Include Window Seats in a Larger Sitting Area

Add functionality by incorporating a window seat into a visiting area. This would work great in small corners of your home as it adds privacy or can be used as a study area since it’s somewhat separated from the busier areas of the home.

Use Window Seating with Storage

Place your window seating between bookshelves, dressers or small cabinets for a versatile storage unit. Storage drawers or bins under the seat provides optimal organization and easy access to your belongings.

Include an Electronics Area

With technology so big these days, designate a sitting space conveniently located near outlets. Small shelving installed will also serve as a functional area for tablets, computers, phones and more.

Outdoor Play Area

Get creative with a window seat outdoors that can give you a comfortable space to sit while supervising the kids. Include bottom storage for outdoor toys and games.

  1. Mix Patterns & Textures

Mix Patterns & Textures

It is essential to maintain your style and personality when decorating your home. Don’t be afraid to mix family heirlooms with your modern furniture. A home should reflect who you are and tell a story so whether you are incorporating your favorite fabrics, rugs, pillows or furniture, there’s no reason your decor can’t co-exist beautifully together.

  1. Utilize What You Already Have

Silver Tray

We all have items in our homes that can be rearranged or spruced up a bit to use as decor. Wooden or metal trays can be placed on top of counters, trunks, bedside tables or bar carts to create a beautiful display with added texture and dimension. Candles can be arranged as centerpieces or on the mantel or bathroom vanity. Plates can be hung and displayed to create fantastic wall art and art from children’s books can be framed for a nursery or children’s room. You will be amazed at what you can do with items you already own.

  1. Go Green

Indoor Plants

Add plants to any living space both indoors and outdoors. Plants are such an inexpensive way to accessorize your space and add color and texture. They’re also a great way to clean the air balance humidity throughout your home. Consider a hanging pot holder in the corner of your home for a warm and inviting touch.

  1. Fencing

Decorative Fence in Garden

When it comes to fencing, don’t just limit it to your outdoor area. You can build or install a fence around the perimeter of your home, pool or balcony or inside the home along with your staircase or second story walkway. For a more luxury high-end look, consider glass fencing in the areas mentioned above of your home. Check out: https://www.woodglassgroup.com.au/ for design ideas and concepts.

  1. Freshen Up with Paint or Wallpaper

An instant pop of color may be just what you need to brighten and re-energize a room. Something as simple as a colorful coat of paint or a fun wallpaper design can enhance any living space on any budget. If you aren’t entirely on board with painting an entire wall, consider painting or using wallpaper inside shelving displays. A few other fun places to add a pop of color to include:

  • Painting Fireplace Mantel
  • Inside a Closet
  • Trim on the Ceilings
  • Patio Deck
  • Hallways

What inspires you? Which simple decorating idea would you like to incorporate into your next home makeover?

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