7 Simple Ways To Clean Your HVAC System


We know that an HVAC system requires regular cleaning to gain effectiveness in its operations. So, did you remember the last time you cleaned or maintained your HVAC? Meticulous cleaning is essential to keep your HVAC system’s performance at peak and to reduce its effect on electricity bills, and to ensure this; you won’t require a costly reparation bill. There are several benefits of cleaning the vents and ducts of your HVAC system. Keeping your HVAC clean will not only save your energy and money, but your system will last long due to clean vents and ducts.

Here are some ways to clean your HVAC system for better performance.

  1. Shutting The Power Off

Shutting The Power Off

Before starting the cleaning process of your HVAC system, make sure to shut off the exterior box near the unit and shut the power off of the interior breaker box. 

  1. Clean The Filter Of The Furnace

Clean The Filter Of The Furnace

Do you know? The usage of your energy can be reduced to 15 percent due to a clean furnace filter. In case of a temporary filter, change it every month, whereas a permanent filter can be taken out and rinsed off monthly.

  1. Cleaning Of The Drainage Hole

Cleaning Of The Drainage Hole

HVAC contains a drainage hole at the bottom of the base of the cabinet below the fins of the evaporator. If you want your HVAC system to perform efficiently, clean this hole with a piece of wire (small) or a clip of paper. 

  1. Clean The Condensing Part

Clean The Condensing Part

HVAC systems commonly have a condensing unit; a fan is placed at the top that to evacuate the heat during the summer season. Excess dirt is settled on the metal fins of the condensing unit. If you want to clean it, use a pipe of water and spray the outside of the condensing part. 

  1. Cleaning Your Evaporator Coil

Cleaning Your Evaporator Coil

Now clean the inside evaporator coil by removing the duct tape of foil and taking out the screws, using a soft brush for dusting off and after that, spray the coil with coil cleaner that is available at commercial stores. Lately, the spray foamed up and dripped into the drain pan. If you want to clean the drain pan, pour down fifty percent of water and bleach through the drain.

  1. Removing The Dirt Or Debris

Removing The Dirt From HVAC

If you want to clean the external condenser, start by removing the fan cage. Remove the screws through the screwdriver and take the grill of the cage out from the top. Now clean the interior covered with dirt and debris.

  1. Visual Inspection And Cleaning Around The Exterior Part

Visual Inspection And Cleaning

Clean the exterior or outdoor part by removing the leaves and trees in the surrounding so that they cannot interfere inflow of air of the outdoor part. Cut the trees down and visually inspect the trees that produce excessive debris such as cottonwood trees because they are dangerous as they get clogged up the condenser unit. During winter, cover the top of the condenser unit with plastic so that it remains protected from debris. Don’t cover your unit entirely as it can cause corrosion inside it.

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