7 Simple Ways To Make Small Rooms Look Bigger


Giving your room an ideal look that’ll fit every item is not easy, especially if you have limited space. However, being frustrated and lamenting about what to won’t make a difference. You have to look for ways that you can make such a space feel big and practical. To start you off, here are seven tips that you can follow to make your room appear more prominent.

  1. Use Light Monochromatic Paint

Light Monochromatic Color in Living Room

Small rooms are hard to design from the word go. However, you need to keep in mind that the color used can significantly affect the view of the room. Using light colors such as white or cream can create an illusion in the room, making it feel bigger.

This is mainly because light colors reflect light while darker colors absorb it. As shown on https://www.veracon.com.au/, there are several light colors that you can use on the walls to magnify the look of your room. Additionally, using monochromatic light on window and door frames can expand on the illusion, making the room look airy and spacious. Another trick you can use is painting the wall trims a lighter color than the rest of the wall.

  1. Enhance Natural Light Into The Room

Natural Light

Light makes everything look brighter than it is, and this is precisely what you need to do for your small room. If you have a builder that’s trying to help you put together a blueprint plan for the new alterations, make sure that you share this idea with them to see how the changes can be made without destroying the aesthetics of the place.

Alternatively, you can also fix larger doors and windows that can encourage the lighting in the room. Going for glass doors should do the trick. However, if your budget doesn’t allow you to make any huge changes, you can cleverly install light fixtures on the wall to make bring in more light and make the place feel bigger.

  1. Get Rid of The Clutter

Get Rid of The Clutter

Generally, being disorganized is not good for you because it can be irritating and unpleasant. This is why you need to get rid of excess items and equipment if you have a small space. After getting rid of the clutter, you will feel your room being more open and orderly.

Another good way of reducing unnecessary items in the room is taking down pictures and paintings that make the room feel cluttered and crowded. You also need to ensure that there’s only one focal point in the room that’ll draw the attention. If the room is an office, a table would be the best point of focus while a bed would be preferable for a bedroom. This together with keeping the floor as clear as possible can certainly make your room feel bigger.

  1. Use Large Furniture

Large Furniture

Instead of buying small pieces of furniture and filling the room with them, go for larger fewer ones. This is because the size makes it practical and enables you to handle more guests.

Also, buying one large furniture frees us more space for you to walk around, making the room feel bigger and more comfortable.

  1. Place Mirrors Strategically on the Walls

Unique Bubble Wall Mirrors For Living Room

When it comes to maximizing on space, mirrors never fail to do the trick. Remember that mirrors will automatically reflect both natural and artificial light that’s drawn into the room. The result is an effect that’ll bounce the light to the very back of the room.

A good trick that you can use is placing the mirrors at an angle towards a window or adjacent to the window itself. This will be more effective if you add glass table tops and a few other strategically placed mirrors on the wall. At the end of the day, mirrors create an open feel about the room, making it seem and appear bigger.

  1. Take Advantage of the Furniture Placement

Furniture Placement

If you have little or no organizational skills, this is one area that can be difficult for you. Either way, nothing is entirely impossible. Your furniture is what takes up most of the space in the room. This means that you have to have a well-stipulated arrangement that’ll be able to accommodate every single piece of furniture and not make the place feel squeezed.

On the other hand, you can use furniture that can be folded and put away for later use. Offices and business settings can use foldable desks and chairs while a bedroom may require a foldable bed or one with storage compartments beneath it.

  1. In Built-Shelves

In Built-Shelves

One of the main issues that affect small room owners is the lack of space to not only keep furniture and equipment but also store other valuables. This is why having inbuilt shelves can save you more space and make the room feel bigger.

Ideally, the shelves will be able to save you both space and time when storing your items.


Having a small room is not the best feeling since you are limited in terms of what you can store in it. You can use the above strategies to enhance its appearance. However, it all comes down to you and what you can live with or without. You have to be prepared for a minimalist lifestyle and learn to maximize and appreciate the little things in life.

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