7 Stunning HDB Design Ideas For Singapore Apartments


HDB Design Ideas

Gone are the days when people suffered from a lack of ideas for their apartments. With the advent of the internet, everyone has direct access to an online database of various designs to incorporate into their homes.

Many people wrongly assume that there aren’t many design options in the market for HDB homes. However, that is far from the truth since Singapore is the hub of HDB BTO apartments. Hence, it is very easy to find an array of interior designers for your apartment.

Whether you want your home to reflect modernity or something more vintage, you can get the condo of your dreams by carefully choosing the colors, materials, and designs.

In this post, you will come across many design ideas for your condo to prove that you have plenty of options to choose from when designing your apartment. So without further ado, here are 7 of the most stunning HDB BTO design ideas for your apartment in the hi-tech residential buildings of Singapore:

  1. Sophisticated Monochrome

The predominant use of colors like black and grey in an apartment can give it a sophisticated vibe. The twist of monochromatic shades will make the wooden flooring pop. The sophisticated monochrome design can be achieved by using blends of your favorite colors, such as mocha and ochre, as well as scarlet and purple.

The colors of your condo can speak volumes about your personality traits and the type of lifestyle you have. Moreover, research has proven that the kind of colors that we surround ourselves with directly impact our physiological and mental well-being.

So if you want a tranquil and peaceful ambiance, opt for shades of blue and green. On the other hand, if you’re going to elevate the energy of a room to feel inspired, you should opt for cheery yellow, shimmering orange, and passionate red.

  1. Bookworm’s Paradise

If you find solace in literature, you can go for the theme inspired by book lovers. This would be the ideal kind of home that you must have dreamt about while growing up with books as your companions.

You can install bookshelves on walls to highlight the beauty of your room. Additionally, this wall can also serve the purpose of being a feature wall or an accent wall. To give the illusion of a bigger space, try to get transparent bookshelves made out of glass.

Moreover, you can compartmentalize your space by creating little book nooks in your apartment. Doing so will ensure that you can always curl up and read your favorite book to wind down after the end of a long day at work.

  1. Japanese Elegance

The culture of Singapore is colored by Japanese culture, and it shows in the kind of interior designs that are trending contemporarily. To get a condo with a Japanese vibe, you can adorn the place with bamboo blinds for a natural and organic ambiance.

Additionally, you can place tatami tables in your living room instead of a conventional dining table. To further intensify the Japanese feel, consider placing Japanese artworks and picture quotes in the Japanese language. It is bound to turn your modern condo into an oriental Japanese abode.

  1. For the Luxury Lovers

HDB apartments can be attuned to give that glamorous Hollywood-like feeling to the owners. Try to install dark-colored wooden walls and furniture items to create a lavish and larger-than-life look.

The highlight of these apartments can be a walk-in closet paired with a full-length mirror. Furthermore, you can equip the entertainment room with leather couches and home theatres. Such a stylish apartment will become the dream and admiration of all your guests and visitors.

  1. Spaciousness With Mirrors

A designing deterrent for many HDB apartment owners can be the lack of open space. However, there is a practical solution for this interior decor problem as well. What you can do, is equip your HDB condo with mirrors in every room.

The mirrors will make the rooms appear bigger than they are. Furthermore, they will also reflect the light and make your house look brighter. Mirrors can make your house look very tidy and classy. If you like the idea of mirrors, you can even use them in place of your ceilings and walls. Make sure to accessorize the glass ceilings with beautiful hanging decor items and chandeliers, etc.

  1. Minimalistic Vibes

If too many items in your house make you overwhelmed, then maybe an apartment with a minimalistic design theme is the right one for you. You can achieve this theme style by using sliding doors to hide the extra stuff inside the compartments. Doing so is bound to lend a pristine, high-class, and spacious look to your condo.

Minimal decor residences are preferred nowadays as they can help you relax. If you are a busy professional, then the sight of unwanted and unused clutter can make you stressed and jittery. So a minimally designed condo is perfect for helping you be at ease and relax.

  1. Industrial Aesthetic

The modern and industrial-looking apartment is loved by most people in the urban cities of developed countries like Singapore and the USA. By using raw elements such as metallic materials and exposed pipes, you can create an industrial-inspired design.

Furthermore, walls with a brick pattern can create that Manhattan vibe, giving your apartment a very metropolitan ambiance. All in all, these elements should complete each other to bring cohesiveness and coordination.

On A Final Note

When it comes to decorating your HDB apartment, there is no limit to your imagination. You do not have to stick to a particular kind of design. Instead, you can combine two or more different designs to create a bold statement that is bound to capture everyone’s attention.

To make the most of your HDB apartment, hire a top interior design company Swiss Interior, a top-notch interior designing firm based in Singapore. You will be ecstatic with the customized and high-quality results that you get.

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