7 Things You Didn’t Know About Underfloor Heating


Underfloor Heating

Most of us are unaware of a system known as underfloor heating which performs the same function as a radiator. The only difference is that it is better than a radiator. In case of underfloor heating (UFH) pipes are laid in the floor, and warm water runs through them and keeps the floor warm. Essentially the floor becomes a radiator. There are some ways in which underfloor heating betters a radiator.

Let us take a look at seven important things about underfloor heating that you probably didn’t know.

  1. Effective Distribution Of Hot Air

Want to minimize energy wastage from your radiators? Underfloor heating is a solution to the failure of radiators if they are not effective. Underfloor heating beats radiators in more than one ways, and the primary reason is that UFH is more effective in evenly heating as compared to radiators. With UFC, every space, from floor to the ceiling gets heated, and you are afforded a comfortable floor to walk in the freezing winters.

  1. Maximize Savings And Minimize Energy Waste

Underfloor heating is becoming an important factor in scaling down fuel costs and optimizing savings. We know that with UFC there is even circulation of hot air. This means that you may run your system at lower temperatures which in turn will cut down the system’s fuel consumption. Also, you will see a significant fall in the wastage of energy at different levels above the head height. The actual costs reduced and savings made are difficult to determine as a wide array of factors come into play, but on an average running cost are found to be less than the radiators.

  1. A lot Of Free Space At Home To Cull Out Places For Home Décor

The most fantastic feature of UFH is that it spreads flawlessly onto your floor and unlike radiators, does not occupy a mammoth space in your home. Not only radiators are huge machines, but they even look a bit off-putting when fixed in your rooms. You will not have to dedicate a huge space and that too for a boring machine. Therefore, UFC comes handy as it frees up space for you to design your home with beautiful colored radiator, furniture, cabinets, etc.

  1. It Is Suitable For Retrofit Applications

UFH is available in new builds and can even be retrofitted into your existing home. You have the options of Slimline UFC which can be set up at a height as low as 15mm and offer a negligible elevation.

  1. UFH Systems Come In Multiple Configurations

Another advantage that accrues with installing the UFH system is that it does not come in one single size. It is available in multiple configurations to offer bespoke installation as per your property. You can choose panel UFH, electric UFH, self-attaching, and water UFH systems as per your need.

  1. It Can Even Be Used To Keep Your Home Cool

This is a wonderful system and works like a charm! It gives you cozy winters and breezy summers. Unlike the radiators, you can use UFH to keep your home cool in the blazing summers. They have utility in both the seasons. While they create a comfortable, warm atmosphere in winters, they use the cooler water system and reduce the temperature in summers.

  1. Can Be Used With A Variety Of Floor Coverings

You can spread a pretty floor covering on the UFH systems and enhance the interior of your home. Unlike the radiators which are difficult to hide, UFH can be shrouded with a simple floor covering and dispenses with spending additional bucks on concealing the machine. However, it is advisable to consult your supplier of floor cover to get information about the maximum temperature that floor covering can withstand or any other special recommendations.

These were some necessary nuances related to UFH that one must know if he wishes to install its system. Keep abreast of these factors before you think of buying a radiator and calculate the costs and savings by comparing it with UFHs. Though the savings will vary from place to place and from one factor to another, UFHs are touted to a better investment than radiators.

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