7 Tips For Maximising A Small Space


Some people prefer a modest living space over a sprawling property. Meanwhile, some want to live in a bigger home but are constrained by budget. Whichever is your case, having limited real estate to work with doesn’t mean living in a cramped-looking space. To help you out, here are some decorating tips to make the most of the space in your humble home.

  1. Use the Power of Paint

Residential Painting Service Perth

Using the right paint is a tried-and-tested way to open up space and make it look bigger. White is the ideal choice, but remember that you’re not limited to similarly light-coloured paint options. Get in touch with Perth painters, and you can do more than take advantage of their professional services for your Perth home. You can also consult with them regarding the best paint hues and finishes. The key idea is usually to give the space a light, bright “colour anchor” so that the attention will be focused on the furniture and other accessories.

  1. Use Mirrors

Mirror Decor

Like paint, mirrors are another fool-proof way of making a small space appear larger. Hang them at window-height to mimic a window, or have them face a window to reflect the view inside. You can also use accessories with mirrors or mirror-like surfaces to further open up space. These can come in the form of side and coffee tables with chrome legs, or stainless steel lamps.

  1. Get Big, Multipurpose Furniture

Multipurpose Furniture

When you have a small space, you might think that choosing small pieces of furniture is the way to go. However, going the opposite way can also be beneficial. This is because large furniture can be built to be multipurpose. For example, a sectional sofa or couch can include roomy storage space beneath the seats. Coffee tables are also available in expandable models with built-in storage. Again, your goal is to draw attention to the details. Big multipurpose furniture will accomplish this goal while providing added storage space at the same time.

  1. Establish Zones

Small Apartment Decor

Usually, smaller apartments are laid out as one continuous area. It’s up to you to section off the space to create separate “rooms.” Doing so will help you avoid clutter and make the entire space look more organised. The trick is to create a floor plan on paper first, then use creative methods to divide the space. You can even make use of rugs, furniture, or even plants to define each area. Additionally, you can also use different colour schemes to make each zone more distinct.

  1. Create A Smooth Visual Flow

Smooth Visual Flow

Using walls to divide a small space can make it look even more cramped. As mentioned earlier, it’s best to use colour and well-chosen accessories to make specific areas more distinct. This is because solid walls can block the visual flow. If you want something more substantial to divide a room, consider open bookshelves. Glass tabletops, “floating” shelves, and furniture with visible legs can also help create uninterrupted sightlines.

  1. Display Artwork as High as Possible

Wall Art Hanging Painting

Instead of hanging artwork at eye level, consider putting them up as high as possible. This will help create an illusion of higher ceilings and further open up space. The same goes for curtains. Mount the rods as close to the ceiling as possible to draw the eyes up and make a room look “taller.”

  1. Be Bold

Bold Colors

When you’re working within a limited space, you have more leeway to incorporate bolder elements. This is because you won’t be able to put in a lot of them in the first place. Thus, you can more easily end up with something quirky and tasteful without being overwhelming and tacky. So go ahead and get that sculpture or paint one of the walls purple. These are great ways to pull the attention off the limited space and toward interesting talking points.

The trick to decorating small spaces is to not think about the limitations. Rather, consider all the creative ways you can make use of the modest accommodations. With this mindset, you’ll realise that you aren’t too limited after all.

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