7 Tips For Turning Your Decking Into An Enclosed Patio Space


One of the most significant parts of Summer is getting to enjoy your deck space.

Having friends over for drinks and dinner, reading your favorite book in the evening, or just relaxing and listening to nature are all perks of having an outdoor space. But why limit these activities to Summer?

A great way to extend the usage time of your deck is to turn it into an enclosed patio space. Making this project your next home upgrade will result in another room you can use year-round without breaking the bank of a significant renovation! If you are concerned this is out of your budget and skill set, then think again. Below are seven tips that anyone can use to transform your deck into an enclosed patio space successfully.

  1. Decide And Design

If you already have a deck space with a roof, then enclosing the area will be relatively easy. If your budget is a bit bigger, you can go for transforming the space into a full-on sunroom with new walls and lots of new windows.

For those of you looking for more of a low-budget and high-quality outdoor space, a screened porch will suit your needs. If you are wondering how to enclose outdoor decking spaces, look no further than Ziptrak outdoor blinds.

  1. Why Enclose Your Deck Space?

Deck Space

Enclosing your deck space automatically expands your living space.

It provides controlled airflow that improves overall air quality in the house. And it gives an excellent way for pets to be outside but still in an enclosed space. Not to mention, adding an area where you can soak in some extra natural light is beneficial for your health!

  1. Why Choose Outdoor Blinds?

Outdoor Blinds

Outdoor blinds offer an affordable way to transform your deck into an all-season outdoor space. With the right innovative patio screens, you will enjoy the comfort of your enclosed patio as you are shielded from insects, wind, rain, and sun.

  1. Choosing Furniture

Patio Furniture

Your enclosed outdoor space will not have typical deck furniture.

Instead, you can decorate with softer, more comfortable furniture. Think more like a living room than a deck. Soft cushions and throw pillows will add to the comfort of your zen outdoor space! And here’s a hot tip – because you will use your furniture year-round you can get all the best off-season deals!

  1. Lighting

Solar Lights

No need for harsh overhead lights in this space! Natural light will flow freely through the enclosed space. At night, soft lamps will create a friendly, relaxing atmosphere.

  1. Heating

Outdoor Gas Heaters

If you live in a region that cools off significantly in the evening, it is worth investing in an outdoor heater. Even for cooler summer nights, ensuring a comfortable temperature will make family and friends want to stick around for that extra glass of wine.

  1. Eating

Entertaining And Dining Outdoors

If entertaining and dining outdoors is something you are interested in, you may want to incorporate a corner of your enclosed deck for your BBQ or outdoor kitchen area. Who says the BBQ can only be used in the Summer! Enjoy grilled steaks all year round with a warm, inviting enclosed patio.

Everyone loves a party that has excellent indoor and outdoor options. It is a great way to have people flowing through the home rather than huddled up in the kitchen. An inviting, well decorated enclosed patio space is the perfect option. Whether it is a relaxing evening alone or an evening with friends, the outdoor patio provides everything you need for a perfect all-season evening of fresh air and comfort.

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