7 Tips To Move Your Furniture Safely


Move Your Furniture

Shifting the furniture is a critical part of moving. In that process, sometimes the sofa or the center table might get destroyed. Imagine caring so much before buying the pieces of furniture only to watch their surface get scratched.

Your worry is not without reason. About one-fourth of the people who moved in 2020 complained about damaged items. That is why, before choosing your Boston house movers, check their insurance claim.

Tips To Pack

Let’s go through a brief list of how to pack different materials effectively so that they are not broken when you finally reach your new house. Here are the tips:

  1. Packing Your TV

If you have the original box with the pieces of thermocol inside, that would be ideal. However, if you don’t, buy a TV box separately. You can also use pieces of thermocol or TV pads to protect the screen from being broken. Clearly label the box “TV,” “KEEP UPRIGHT,” and “FRAGILE.” As labeled, make sure it is always upright.

  1. Packing Fragile Items

Packing Fragile Items

When you have ceramic items or glass utensils, make sure they are packed with utmost care. Use a sturdy carton for ceramic items for extra protection. The sturdy ones are thicker and not easy to break. They can take more weight. Make sure the heavier items are the lowest, and the lighter ones are on the tops. Make sure you put a lot of crumpled packing paper on top of each item.

  1. Packing Sofa

Some sofas can be disassembled. In that case, remove all the pillows and covers, and cover all the outer surfaces with plastic or paper sheets. While disassembling, make sure you keep the nuts and bolts in a safe place. If you got it from IKEA and you have the carton box, it would be easier. You can also buy big carton boxes. However, it is not necessary.

  1. Using Bubble Wraps

Bubble Wraps

Bubble wraps are your friend while moving. If you have been saving all the bubble wraps from your Amazon packages, you are saved. Bubble wraps can reflect the blunt force and prevent any breakage or scratches. They are light and fun too. You can wrap the fragile glass and ceramic dishes.

  1. Packing Sharp Items

Sharp items can poke into other stuff around and damage them. It happens quite often with kitchenware. When you put kitchen knives and forks together with other items, they can leave huge scratches. You can cover their sharp ends with a plastic covering. A thick cloth would be better. You can also buy sharp-end protectors, wherein you get cork that can be pierced onto the sharp ends.

  1. Artwork Packing


If you are a fan of art, moving might be stressful. Your priced pieces of art are fragile and need to be moved carefully.  Some companies might deny moving art pieces if they are expensive. What can you do? Treat them like ceramics. Put the heavy ones in the bottom, and put the crumpled and shredded paper between two pieces of art. You may also use bubble wraps before putting them in the carton.

  1. Packing Wooden Items

It is easy to scratch off a layer of color from the furniture made of wood. Also, their size makes them difficult to pack and prone to damage. An easy way to prevent that is to put a covering on the surface that will be touching the ground in the truck. Or you can ask the movers to place a carton sheet on the floor and put the furniture over it. If you have a long-distance move, you should consider packing with simple plastic. Make sure you have enough layers.

What To Do When Something Is Damaged?

Still worried about damaged goods? Do not worry; you can claim the money back. Most moving companies offer you insurance on special items, fragile items, or pieces of furniture. You have to pay extra for the insurance along with the move, but you will be calm and tension-free. If you find something missing or damaged:

  • Take pictures of the damage.
  • Contact your moving company.
  • Claim your returns based on your insurance plan.

We would suggest you do it as soon as possible. Most insurance has a time limit, and if you find out the damage after the date mentioned, they won’t consider it. Some insurances provide 80% worth of damage, others provide half, and some provide less. It depends on the plan you take. Read the instructions carefully before you sign the contract and the insurance.


Those are some easy ways to avoid dents or scratches on your priced possessions. A sofa is not just a place for people to sit. It is a part of the home. It makes you feel homely. Therefore, the damage makes you sad. It is not just about money; rather, it leaves an emotional dent. Consequently, moving the pieces of furniture is equally crucial. With the methods mentioned above, you can essentially save every part of the things that make your house a home.

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