7 Trendy Bed Designs To Choose For Your Bedroom


Trendy Bed Designs

Sleep is essential for well-being. It’s just as important as healthy nutrition and exercise. Unfortunately, a lot happens in our day-to-day lives that interfere with our natural sleep patterns. This consequently goes to do more harm to our bodies. For instance, poor sleep is strongly linked to weight gain from sleep deprivation, disrupting normal body functions.

Quality of sleep is a direct result of the bed one chooses to lie on. The bed is the best place to rest your head on after a hectic day at work. A bed isn’t just regarded as an item that facilitates a good night’s rest but rather a reflection of our style. Ideally, we spend a third of our lives asleep, so why not invest in quality beds, mattresses, and pillows for ample comfort and sleep.

When it comes to a bed, the design is what shapes the overall structure. If you are looking to have an impeccable and beautifully designed bedroom, opt for bed frames that speak truth to your style and are functional at the same time. A variety of bed designs in the market that one can choose from can dramatically change your bedroom from ordinary to a more elaborate space. Below are the seven best bed designs which one can consider for their bedroom. If you want some nice wall art to top off, your bedroom design has apexmetalsigns.com make you a custom piece.

  1. Platform Bed

Platform beds are one of the best beds one can have in their bedroom. This bed is lower than the rest, with a wooden base in row form to place your mattress. This offers flexible support for the back and legs as well as offers ventilation for the mattress itself.

  1. Panel Bed

The panel bed design is your typical bed that can be found in most homes. It consists of a headboard connected to a footboard made from panels of wood. The panels are framed with raised grooves to place your mattress for ample comfort and stretch comfortably.

  1. Murphy Bed

Popularly known as wall beds, Murphy beds are best for individuals looking to live a minimalist lifestyle. These beds are designed to save space uniquely and stylishly. The bed is attached to the wall with hinge frames that one can easily put in the closet after waking up.

  1. Adjustable Bed

Adjustable beds have motorized bases that assist one to move the bed into different positions, from raising the head and foot of the bed. If you work remotely at home, then this is the best bed for you. The adjustable beds are also great for holiday homes where vacationers can make the bedsit to watch TV in bed or catch up on a good book.

  1. Trundle Bed

Every home with a large family ought to have a trundle bed. It’s the one bed that can accommodate more than three people at a go while taking as little space as possible. A trundle bed is a single bed with a high headboard with several other beds below it that can be stored under when they aren’t in use, saving one a lot of space.

  1. Poster Bed

A poster bed is built with four vertical ramps on each corner of the bed. This kind of bed gives an unmistakable charm to a bedroom. Traditionally, these beds were made from the best type of wood that being oak, and designed with plenty of adornment. Nowadays, these beds can easily be customized to different designs, from dreamy king-size beds to romantic queen-size beds.

  1. Convertible Sofa

A convertible sofa or a sleeper sofa may sometimes be referred to as simply a sofa seat cushion and a back cushion that can be effortlessly pushed back to create a flat surface, which is the bed. Convertible sofas are slightly stiffer than your regular bed but are the best for lounging on. They are great for bedrooms with smaller spaces and can accommodate more people.

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