7 Types of Custom Shutters That You Can Install In Your Home and Office


Custom Shutters

Custom shutters can be designed by keeping the aesthetics and the utility of the shutters in mind. You can also choose the colors, designs, materials, and shapes by customizing them according to your requirements.

There is PVC, which is easy to maintain material, aluminum that is lightweight, and wood, which can lend your space a warm character. And then there are the wooden or timber custom shutters, which can obstruct the harsh sunlight and keep your private sphere safe.

What are the various types into which you can customize shutters?

  1. Printed Shutters

Electric Roller shutters

You can customize PVC shutters with digital prints. If you have some funky digital prints with you, they will look great in kids’ bedrooms.

  1. Louvered Shutters

Louvered Shutters

These custom shutters are made from uniform slats of wood in an overlapping fashion. To customize these shutters, paint them with a striking color that contrasts against the color of the building. You could also give them a stained finish, with well-integrated panels, to make them look attractive when you install them for outdoor purposes.

  1. Raised Panel Shutters

Durablity Roller Shutter

If you have planted by the windows, you could accentuate the corner with these shutters, which lend your home country-like aesthetics. These shutters are formal, but they provide the touch of glamour to your existing living structure, and they can also be cleaned easily.

  1. Board and Batten Shutters

Home Shutter

To give a rustic look to your home, use these custom shutters, which work well with curved windows. Exterior shutters are made from individual boards that are joined together with the help of battens. These are available square, joint, and spaced styles.

  1. Shaker Shutters

Fire Shutter Windows

If you are looking for privacy indoors, there is nothing better than these custom shutters, which block sunlight and other water elements. These are simple shutters that work well with almost any décor. You can customize the shutters by painting them in colors that match with your walls. Moreover, you can easily apply the DIY technique to install them, or you can also call in the professionals.

  1. Plantation Shutters

Window Shutter

Do you have a backyard or a front garden? If so, consider installing plantation shutters, which can lend your space a very laidback, southern look. These louver style shutters can be closed to block strong winds and rain and opened to let a cool breeze in. 

  1. California Shutters

These are ubiquitous custom shutters that are characterized by their horizontal slats. The slats are well spaced but are narrow enough to filter the sunlight coming from outside. Interior shutters, these look best in white. However, you can always go for a fun print or a whacky color, depending on your interior décor.

How to clean and maintain shutters?

Maintan Shutter

The above gives you some helpful ideas on custom shutters and how to incorporate them into your home. However, even the best quality shutters won’t look good if they are not properly maintained. If it is not necessary to wipe them with a moist cloth, then you can do a dry dusting, or call in the professional cleaning agency to clean your custom shutters.

  1. Dust them regularly Whether it is wooden shutters or PVC shutters, dust them regularly to avoid the accumulation of dust.
  2. Get termite inspection If you have wooden shutters in place, a periodic termite inspection is essential. If detected at an early stage, your screens can be protected from termite attack.
  3. Don’t use abrasive agents Cleaning shutters isn’t much of a task. However, it would help if you stayed away from abrasive cleaning agents. Instead, for accumulated dirt, use a soap solution and a soft cloth to clean the surface.

Follow those tips, and you will keep your shutters in spick and span condition. Get in touch with us to get more information.

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