7 Unique Enhancement Ideas For Your Laundry Space


Small Laundry Space

Staying cleaned and organized is a natural custom. Either you spend time on manual washing or take help from appliances, the cleaning process has to be allied to your daily routine.

If you have a large bathroom, you might place the washer and dryer there. Yet, arranging a small to medium separate laundry space can be a good idea in the first place. When you feel that some addition or modification are necessary, you better have some unique ideas to deal with it.

In this article, we will discuss 7 unique enhancement ideas for your small to medium laundry space.

  1. Odds And Ends Behind A Shelving Unit

With multiple functionalities, the washer and dryer will be having pipes, hoses, cables behind them. If you see the best stackable washer dryer in the market, you will observe that the technologies have changed this greatly. Yet, some bare minimum connections will be there to support all those basic functionalities.

The best solution is to install a shelf behind the washer and dryer to hide out all those water lines and everything else. It is super simple and can be a DIY project at your end.

The shelf can be facilitated with racks to keep detergent pots and plants.

  1. Install Above The Washer And Dryer Unit Cabinets

Usually, we keep the washer in a small area to meet the ends of washing. If we start planning over it, we can utilize the space around the washer and dryer. When the space is minimal, we can install the cabinets above the unit from mid to upper wall levels.

This is great when you have not installed the washer and dryer in your kitchen where kitchen cabinets are already installed. These washer and dryer cabinets can be used for stacking washed clothes before ironing and can also be used as a wardrobe before use.

  1. Add New Life With Wallpaper And Greenery

Gone are the days when laundry space is just a tedious room corner with some typical daily work. These days laundry spaces are highly customized, thanks to decorative wallpaper for small areas. Your black & white monotonous space becomes inspiring.

Moreover, houseplants can be a great addition to the laundry space to make it livelier. The greenery wood shelving creates a natural ambiance that makes your laundry experience more soothing and sprightlier.

Medium Laundry Space

  1. Secret Laundry Space With Curtains

When you have no option of creating a small to medium separate laundry space, you can fix a corner space to place your washer and dryer. A curtain in front of it will hide out the laundry space and its accessories.

Pocket doors instead of curtains can also hide out the laundry space when not in use. More additions to increase the functionality is to install wall mounted foldable drying racks and portable laundry cart.

  1. Specialize Your Ironing Board

Ironing becomes necessary after the drying. The ironing board can be placed in the large laundry space to make the space more compact. If the area is more congested, then you have to think of placing it somewhere else.

A considerable solution is to install a pull-up pull-down or hanging ironing board in the laundry area. Once installed, it will help to keep the area minimalistic.

Enhance the overall look of your laundry area by installing hot and cold washing machine tap. You can also choose to pattern the design to the overall look and feel of your laundry space by choosing either a brass or the minimalist matte.

  1. Get Creative With Stylish Flooring

When it comes to remodeling our homes, nothing is fresher like the floor tile we use. Specifically, for the laundry space, patterned marble floor tiles will work great. Well-chosen decorative tiles ensure the room’s overall flavor by transforming it from a traditional look and feel to contemporary creations.

  1. Outside Laundry Space With Seemingly Large Space

Who says that laundry space has to be indoors always? If you are too tired of creating your laundry space in an indoor compact area, consider moving it to another closed space like a garage or an outdoor area. Make sure that it has an accessible facility for water inflow and drainage outflow.

This idea will help to create a seemingly large space for your laundry space along with an area for drying with natural airflow.

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