7 Ways To Choose The Correct Office Furniture In Sydney


Choosing the right office furniture may not be at the top of the priority list for many startups or established companies looking for an internal facelift.

However, as the business world becomes more attuned to the needs of its workforce, particularly in terms of managing stress and working in a comfortable environment, the importance of choosing the right office furniture in Sydney and other major metropolises is more evident.

It’s no longer about functionality but rather aesthetics, comfort, and employee happiness. As Richard Branson elegantly puts it, “If you take care of your employees, they will take care of your clients.”

So, let’s explore seven approaches to choosing the right office furniture in Sydney so you can keep the care in everything nuance of your office.

  1. Find The Right Supplier

Find The Right Supplier

Before you start looking at styles and picking out colour schemes, you first need to find a supplier. With the boom in the number of startups, home offices, and other small offices popping up, the office furniture industry is growing rapidly.

According to a Market Intelligence report, the global office furniture market is expected to grow at a 5.4% rate between 2018 to 2023. And, there are plenty of furniture suppliers looking to get in on this spiking industry growth, which can make it challenging to pick the right company in Sydney to handle your office furniture needs.

There are a few things you need to consider:

  • Pricing: You need a supplier that will work with your budget and offer different pricing/financing options.
  • Selection: There are a lot of different styles and options to choose from with modern office furniture. You want a supplier that has a wide range of available options.
  • Past clients: You want to ask for examples of previous clients. If you can find an office furniture supplier that has helped businesses similar to yours with their style needs, then they can offer practical tips and suggestions to build your office interior.
  • Unique needs: If your office has any unusual or uncommon furniture needs/challenges, make sure that your office supplier has the expertise or stock to solve these obstacles.
  1. Have A Clear Vision Of Your Space And Needs

Select The Space For Furniture

Once you have the right supplier, you need to think about your office space against your furniture needs and how it will all fit into place. An excellent furniture supplier in Sydney will be able to assist you by offering tips and advice into making the furniture work for your space.

When you carefully plan out your office layout and have a concrete idea of your needs, you’ll make the very most of your budget. You won’t overspend, and you won’t realize that you’re missing essential pieces of furniture.

That said, you should include room in your plan for expansion. As your company grows, you may decide you want to add more employees. It’s okay if you already have an available workstation available for them to use.

  1. Express Your Brand/Company Vibe


When you market to potential customers or clients, there is a specific brand persona that you strive for. This persona is unique to your business and helps distinguish yourself from your competitors.

This persona, believe or not, should be represented in your office furniture. It isn’t just about slapping your company logo on the wall. You also want to choose furniture styles and colours that help embody your brand.

When customers visit your office or see screenshots on social media and your website, they want, and expect, to see your brand “vibe” represented in your company culture.

  1. Think About Your Schedule

Think About Your Schedule

When do you need your office furniture? And how long do you plan or expect your furniture to last? These are two aspects of scheduling that you need to think about. Delivering and setting up space with office desks, meeting tables, office chairs, etc. can take some time. You want to be sure that you have a clear timeline of when your furniture will arrive and be built and arranged.

You also want to think about the durability of the furniture you select. Not all furniture is made the same. How long can you reasonably expect cheap office desks to last, especially after years of daily use? It may be wiser to spend a little extra and get furniture that is guaranteed to go the distance.

  1. Special Employee Needs

Special Employee Needs

Before you place an order for office furniture, have a conversation with your employees. Not only will they feel happy that you’ve included them in this critical decision, but it will also lead to good suggestions and ideas about the types and styles of furniture to order.

Some of your employees may have special needs or requests for their office furniture. You don’t want to bend your will to every employee request, but if you have staff members that you can’t imagine doing business without, you may want to reward them with the particular ‘special’ office chair that may help with any back discomforts.

It is a widespread request. As high as 90% of office workers develop lower back pain from lousy office chairs!

  1. Choose Furniture That Is Comfortable To Reduce Stress

Choose Furniture That Is Comfortable To Reduce Stress

In 2011, Staples, a major US office supply company, conducted a survey about comfort and stress in the workplace. The study found that a whopping 86% of workers saw their office environment was uncomfortable, with almost half saying that their chair caused them physical pain.

When an employee is comfortable at their workstation, it positively affects their mood. If they aren’t feeling any pain or discomfort, they can better focus on their work. The same study supported this. Roughly 33% of respondents said they’d have a better mood with a more comfortable chair, and half said it would make them more productive.

These are essential office furniture statistics to keep in mind!

  1. Consider The Future Of Office Furniture

The Future Of Office Furniture

Did you know that smart technology is starting to appear in office furniture? Smart office chairs and workstations use sensors to detect ways to improve optimization at the workplace. Sitting incorrectly, even with ergonomic office chairs, can lead to discomfort and pain if not adjusted correctly, which creates stress and a negative work environment.

With modern office furniture equipped with smart features, you have data to help your employees sit and work in the best ways possible. If you have extra room in your furniture budget, it may be an option worth exploring.

Your furniture will work for you to make your office a more productive space!


You can treat these seven tips as your office furniture guidebook. They’ll help you find the right furniture for your staff, company, budget, and space.

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