7 Ways To Create A Cosy Hygge Bedroom


Cosy Hygge Bedroom

The Scandinavian term hygge embodies feelings of cosiness and contentment, and it’s an integral part of Danish culture.

In recent years, hygge has gained a following in other places across the map, including the United Kingdom and the United States. As a result, various books were published to help people incorporate hygge culture into their lives by enjoying simple pleasures and living well.

Some advice for capturing the essence of hygge includes;

  • Appreciating the company of friends and family by spending quality time together
  • Indulging in what makes you happy such as a delicious slice of cake
  • And adding hygge features to one’s home helps to promote pleasurable feelings of warmth and cosiness

Creating a bedroom inspired by hygge is helpful because each element mentioned below is conducive to sleep – ensuring you can unwind and drift off into a deep slumber.

  1. Soft, Cozy Bed And Blankets

Sinking into a large soft bed plucked from the Divan Beds Centre, layered in plush cotton brushed sheets and thick knitted wool blankets. Shall ensure you achieve the hygge feeling that the Danish have perfected over the years.

  1. Thick, Furry Rugs

Be it wooden or carpet flooring in the bedroom, adding a plush soft rug will instantly change the aesthetics and feel of your room. Providing comfy furry textures to indulge your feet in on your way over to the bed.

  1. Neutral Hues

Neutral hues such as soft beige and chalk-white are an excellent choice for a hygge inspired home because these tones bring warmth to your abode. And provide a subtle yet calming backdrop for other hygge inspired decor.

  1. Keep It Natural

Nature brings us a sense of calm, belonging and beauty, and so much more. But when journeying outdoors is too cold, the Danish often bring the outdoors in to practice hygge living.

From sturdy beds made from oak, greenery dotted on the bedside tables and windowsill to soft fluffy sheepskin rugs on the floors and dressing table chairs. Placing various pieces from the outdoors inside will bring a rustic touch and a sense of serenity to your bedroom space.

  1. Guilty Pleasures

Add things you love and enjoy to the bedroom to enhance feelings of happiness and contentment. Everyone’s pleasures differ, but here are some ideas to get you thinking;

  • Bring in books you enjoy
  • Put your favourite chocolates or sweets in your bedside drawer, ready for picking.
  • Install a television to watch your favourite programs, perfect for lazy mornings in bed
  • And maybe even let your much-loved pooch curl up at the bottom of the bed
  1. Warm Lighting

A quick switch from stark white lighting to warm white bulbs will instantly create a snug ambience in the bedroom. The welcoming soothing glow will bounce gently off the neutral hues and natural elements in the room.

  1. Fire Stove

The thought alone of sitting in front of a roaring fire is enough to put many into a deep bout of relaxation. So why not bring this feeling to life in your room?

While adding a real fire may not be possible, there are various real-to-life electric fires you can choose from that will ignite those hygge feelings.

Place some additional accessories around the fire, such as a wicker basket brimming with wood logs to enhance your chosen fire’s authenticity in the bedroom.

Hygge is a way of life that inspires us to slow down and take note of the small yet heart-warming pleasures available to most.

The above gives you a guide of what details to add to the bedroom to inspire feelings of contentment and cosiness. But only you’ll know what works for you when you begin making changes and start feeling the sensations of hygge living.

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